The Awesome Blogger Award

Thank you, Anisha for nominating me for this award post. Anisha, is a creative outlaw in own herself, please show some love & do visit her. >


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  • Give them 10 new questions to answer
Let’s begin, shall we? 😉

Questions asked to me:

Q1 Do you believe in spirituality?

Ans: No, I personally dislike the way spirituality is commercialized these days. I believe in humanity more than spirituality. If I can comfort a troubled soul in anyway then that’s the most spiritually satisfying thing for me. That being said I don’t judge or dislike anyone who indulges in spiritual activities, I respect their faith & outlook towards it.

Q2 Are you into gardening?

Ans: Sadly there isn’t a garden in my current house but yes I’ve always believed that nature inspires the poet within us, in its own mystic ways. As a kid I used to help my grandfather plant roses & there I learnt the lesson, that a person’s beauty just like the rose, can blossom even amidst the life’s deadly thorns.

Q3 Share the picture of any DIY project you’ve done, if any.

Ans: In my teenage days, the doors of our kitchen & living room were being changed and the carpenter got a piece of inferior wood my parents were furious & were about to dispose it off but I used the carpenter’s saw during his lunchtime, painted the sides & ended up making a rectangular pin-up board.

Q4 Share the best-loved post from your blog, with link.

Ans: Broken Wings – I wrote it, the night I had to spend at a bus stand in blistering cold. I palpably felt the wings of my hopes & dreams break within me, that night. It was my poetic prayer that streamed through my shattered soul that night. Link:

Q5 Is there any other art form you’re familiar with, other than blogging? If yes, what is it?

Ans: I tried to draw a phoenix once for my very first blog post but ended up making a creature that looked like a drunk ostrich that’s when I realized that I wasn’t meant to be an artist with paint brush. However, off late I’m learning how to cook some exotic recipes (if that sounds creative) with an earnest intention of not witnessing my mother turn into Thanos (because of the mess I make in her kitchen while cooking).

Q6 Which is the most used application in your phone?

Ans: A close tie between Instagram & Whatsapp.

Q7 What’s the longest time you’ve slept so far, at a stretch?

Ans: Once I hadn’t slept for like 48 hours so when I crashed & burnt on my bed I ended up sleeping for 13 hours. Haters may call me lazy but that’s close the average sleeping hours of a lion & in the immortal words of Zlatan Ibramhimovic – “Lions don’t compare themselves to humans”. Lol xD

“Lions don’t compare themselves to humans”

Q8) Do you prefer reading short or long blog posts?

Ans: The number of words doesn’t matter to me, what matters is the content that a post has. I am equally impressed with a hard-hitting short yet intense post as I am with a long detailed & meaningful post.

Q9) Do you volunteer? Online or offline?

Ans: I volunteer to assist other new bloggers to build & grow their blog in their own unique ways. I try to connect with them via Instagram, email, fb & sometimes meeting them in person.

Q10) Was there a turning point in your life?

Ans: There were 2 contrasting turning points in my life 1) When my dad passed away due to cancer. I guess that day a part of me died within me as I aimed to transform myself from a callous child into a silent warrior. 2) The day I got my first 500 followers on WordPress. That was the day when from a ‘nobody’ I felt like ‘somebody’.

If you’ve reached this far then you’ve earned my sincere respect. ❤

My Nominees:

However, anyone who is reading this post is awesome in their own respect so please feel free to nominate yourself for this award post by answering my questions that are down below:

My Questions: 

Q1 ) A memory that is closest to your heart & what did it make you feel like in that moment?
Q2) What is your definition of happiness?
Q3) Tell 5 words that best describe you.
Q4) Tell me about a funny incident from your life that to this day makes you laugh & smile?
Q5) What’s your secret talent/skill that other people might not be aware of?
Q6) What’s your all favorite dish?
Q7) What is your dream in life, what is it that you truly aspire?
Q8) What would be your advice to new/ fellow bloggers?
Q9) What are your future posts going to be about or what would be the themes/ genres of your upcoming posts?
Q10) An honest piece of advice/ suggestion that you’d like to share with me, which would help me learn & grow as a blogger?

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Liebster Award

Thank you, Laura, for considering me worthy of your nomination. She truly is an amazing blogger & I would request readers/ fellow bloggers to show some love to Laura by visiting her blog >>>

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I hope, I’m capable of making you folks smile with my answers & facts about me!
1) I’m not a morning person, I’m a night bloomer who enjoys the tranquility of the night’s dark splendor rather than the chaos that unfurls during the day.
2) I’m at cold war with my neighbor. He gives me headaches with the creepy noises he makes at night & I never miss out on any given opportunity irritate him … & I guess we are destined to be caught up in this twisted romance forever (talk about couple goals xD). I wouldn’t say I hate that guy because hate is a very strong negative word, but let’s just say I wouldn’t want to shake hands with him ( based on the noises he makes God knows what he uses his hands for all night).
3) My life is decorated with embarrassing moments. For instance: I was to start off with my kindergarten & my dad said to me sharing is caring, next day.. my on my very 1st day in kindergarten I tore my 20 bucks note, straight in half to help a friend of mine with 10 bucks. xD
4) I’m a ferocious foodie. Being the peace-loving guy, that I am you can cuss me all you want I’d still smile & ignore that but DON’T YOU DARE take anything from my plate… If you do, then we are officially at war. (because sharing is caring, can lead to bad experiences.)
5) I’m a vegetarian. You guys can have my share of meat-related food.
6) Work like a beggar, celebrate like a king. I come from humble financial beginnings so from the very start of my career I’ve worked as if my survival depends on it but once I’m out of office, on a vacation or at some party… Then my celebrations are grander than my haters’ most extravagant fantasies.
7) I tend to overthink, perhaps the side-effects of being a dreamer, I guess.
8) I have trust issues at times, so I prefer to be an enigma, rather than an open book to others.
9) I respect my mother the most. Her sacrifices, her unconditional love & her overall patience to tolerate a highly lazy individual like me is truly divine. A family friend once said to my mum “Control Sid, he’s turning into a delusional poet…” Her instant reply was “You should probably focus on stopping your son from doing his exotic pole dance videos on TikTok, rather than worry about Sid.” I was absolutely gobsmacked witnessing my mother’s savage side.
10) My helplessness has always contributed in a positive way towards my evolution. Being a very shy & reserve kid my 5th grade English scolded my mother once saying that I’m emotionally dead from within & that I’ll never master English. That incident made me want to master English more than I wanted to breathe at that point in time.
11) I spend hours talking to fellow bloggers & learning from them as to how I can improve as a blogger.


What’s your favorite season/why? – Winter. I find it very pleasant & peaceful.
What do you eat for breakfast? – Mainly fruits & sandwich, but if my mother is in a pleasant mood then I’m blessed with some burger or pasta lol
What is a fun childhood memory you have? – Spending time with my parents, listening to stories from my mother & learning from my dad, that strong moral values matter the most in life.
Where do you think you’ll be in ten years? – I like to live in the moment rather than plan for the future so I barely know what I’ll end up doing in the next 10 minutes let alone 10 years from now. But hopefully, wherever I am in life, I hope to be regarded as a good human being, who is capable of creating smiles for others.
What’s your favorite drink? – Coffee
What is a mythological figure you like and why? – I’m not a religious person but in the Indian mythology I like Shiva – The Destroyer the most there are so many aspects about him that are covered in the form of folktales & ancient Indian legends. I like him the most because I honestly find him a blooming universe of creativity in his own respect.
What type of books do you like? – Fiction & poetry as they give wings to my mind to fly & imagine things.
What are some things that come naturally to you? – writing, sarcasm & laziness
Are you an introvert or an extrovert? – I’m an introvert… a quiet man holding within a million mysteries.
What’s your last google search? – Quotes by John Keats
What’s your favorite flower? – Rose, the beauty that blossoms amidst the thorns.


You’ve earned my sincere respect if you’ve read my facts & answers till this far.
My Questions:

Q1) What’s the one word that describes you the best?
Q2) Who are some of your most favorite writers?
Q3) Tell me about one of the most memorable moments of your life.
Q4) What’s your outlook/ motto in life?
Q5) A thing that you aim to convey through your blog?
Q6) What makes you truly happy in life?
Q7) What all are you doing in this lockdown phase to keep up the positive vibes?
Q8) Name one of your all-time favorite movies & why do you enjoy it so much?
Q9) One aspect of your life that you intend to improve upon?
Q10) If you could have a superpower then what would it be & why?
Q11) What do you like the most about my blog/writings & any suggestions for me to improve as a blogger?
My Nominees:

  1. Queenie
  2. Leslie
  3. Ameet
  4. Poornima
  5. Kate
  6. Jai Lynn
  7. Kaylen
  8. The Bold Girl
  9. Ritika
  10. Shivani
  11. Words Monsters Me

Others who are interested are more than welcomed to answer my questions & participate as well.

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She Loves Broken Things

As the moon malevolently beams
My nightmares blossom like roses during springs.
But tonight, I hope to meet her in my dreams
For, I’ve heard, she loves broken things.

I’ve heard, in her eyes burn countless constellations
While that winged seraph plays her harp’s strings.
Hopefully, she’ll quell my horror laden hallucinations
For, I’ve heard, she loves broken things.

I’ve heard, her voice calms the restless oceans
& she out carols all the nightingales when she sings.
Perhaps with a lullaby, she’ll soothe my raging emotions
For, I’ve heard, she loves broken things.

I’ve heard, with her humble divine grace
She wraps dysfunctional tragedies in her wings.
Perhaps she’ll wipe the tears too, from my face
For, I’ve heard, she loves broken things.

I’m broken but I consider myself blessed
For some ruins, hold treasures more than the wealthiest of kings
& I’ll outpour my hidden treasures on her heavenly breast
For, I’ve heard, she loves broken things.

To satisfy her abstract compassionate art
With my last breath, I surrender somethings.
I give her my shattered soul, my broken heart;
& perhaps with love, she’ll mend those broken things.

Note: At various junctures of life I’ve often felt ruined beyond repair, this poem is dedicated to people who have often felt broken due to various reasons in their life. In this poem, ‘Broken Things’ is a metaphor for emotionally broken people. Just like mystic treasures are often hidden in ruins similarly divine emotions are hidden within broken people, & if you value a broken person he/she will subliminally pour out his/her heart for you. So if you ever come across a broken person then don’t be judgmental about their past & don’t mock at their scars. Be compassionate & see their scars as spaces that you can fill with your kindness & understanding. For, there is no greater joy than making a broken person feel complete once again. ❤ 

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Letter To Future Self (2020)

Dear Future Self,

Today I subliminally break overwhelmed with emotions, burning with a sole desire that perhaps… someday, you’ll use these words to mend your shattered soul.

Others may see you as a walking enigma, they may judge & mock your emotional scars. You may encounter people who’ll curl themselves as sugar-coated parasites when you’ll extend your helping hand to them. There will be people who’ll call you as their inspiration but instead, they’d be the first ones to turn their backs on you, walking away ignoring your tear-stained face. Some people who believe in you, would perhaps unknowingly break you with the weight of their expectations. Your heart may bleed, being impaled with your endless insecurities, while descending in darkness. You might feel like a hopeless loser sometimes.

Dear future self, life is inevitably depressing sometimes, but learn to wear your emotional scars with pride. Your scars are proof that you had bled, but at the same time, you survived. Regardless of how fake the other person might be, always unflinchingly extend a helping hand. For sandalwood doesn’t allow the nearby venomous snakes to corrupt the goodness of its fragrance.

Several years ago, keeping responsibility as your psychological fundamental you chose to be the iceberg that wouldn’t melt in the heat of the moment. Keeping compassion as your guiding principle you chose to be the shield that’ll protect your loved ones from the sinful spears of life. If your heart cries & bleeds in darkness, make sure to use your blood & tears to write a poem that makes others smile with a sense of hope. Your existence will always be defined by the decisions you make… So always have the integrity, to be understanding & dependable…

Lastly never forget, that perhaps you were scarred with dark tormenting nightmares so that you heal others with the light of your poetic dreams. Perhaps you were blessed with hate so that you understand the value of love. Perhaps sometimes you feel lost as a hopeless loser so that you discover the rampant warrior within you!

Yours Truly,
Present Self
(as on 12.04.2020)

Note: Today is my birthday & amidst the rapture of the glorious well wishes I found a few minutes of silence to pen down these thoughts. I have always seen myself obsessed with an aspiration to learn & grow, but yes I’m a human being; I am bound to fail & fall. It’s at such depressing junctures of life, that I hope my words would remind me what I truly believe in.  

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PS: The below video shows how my love for cakes, overshadowed my fear of the Coronavirus. Lol > 


Liebster Award

Thank you, Anonymously Hal for nominating me! She’s a wonderful writer whose like a rebel without any rules & that’s what I really appreciate in her writings. Please do visit her blog & read some of her writings, I’m sure you’ll like them:


1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.
2. Share 11 facts about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger(s) asked you.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers and make them happy!
5. Think 11 questions and ask them to your nominees.
6. Notify your 11 nominees.


1. I love interacting with poets, bloggers & artists. By interacting with them, I get to learn so much & this helps me to elevate my own creative horizon.
2. I’m blessed with the titles of Prince of Darkness & Poetic Psychopath, which often make me feel as if I’m a product of a lovemaking session between Lord Voldemort & Shakespeare, lol. However, In reality, I’m a very reserved, harmless & emotional person.
3. You’ve ever seen the quiet weirdo who prefers staying in a corner, entranced in his own thought. That’s probably the kind of person I am socially around people. I may appear as a lively chatterbox, but I’m more of an introvert in real life.
4. I went through depression to the point, that at one stage I was suicidal. That’s the reason why most of my past poems are dark & melancholic. However, I’ve learned to survive with a smile now & certainly not suicidal anymore. ❤
5. I’m not a morning person. I stay up till late night as I enjoy the darkness & the tranquility that accompanies it.
6. I absolutely love to collaborate with bloggers/poets, although I can’t say if my fellow collaborators always carry the same sentiment about me.
7. I’m a sapiosexual. It’s always the thoughts & the overall personality of a female that captivates me, rather than her physical traits.
8. I loathe fake people. I always respect an honest hard truth rather than artificial sugar-coated lies.
9. I love cakes! If you are close to me I’d probably give you one of my kidneys but I sure as hell won’t share my cake with you, because according to me underwears & cakes aren’t meant to be shared with others.
10. I have certain personal rules that I follow while writing a poem, like a poem should have a constant rhyme, the emotions should be uncensored & in a line, there shouldn’t more than 11 words.
11. I create memes every now and then.

The 11 questions that were asked to me are as follows (along with the answers):

Q1. What is your favorite food?
Ans 1. Anything vegetarian, for which I don’t have to pay. lol!

Q2. What country are you from?
Ans 2. I know I am annoying at times, so please don’t send goons to kidnap me lol, just kidding. I’m from India, the country that’s blessed with diverse culture & also the country turns into some sort of a microwave during summers (due to the immense heat). 
Q3. What’re your favorite movies?
Ans 3. The Pursuit Of Happiness, A Walk To Remember, 3 Idiots, The Joker… To name a few.

Q4. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
Ans 4. Why would anyone like to ruin the perfection I contain within me lol. On the serious note, I have my flaws, but I embrace them rather than despise them. For it’s these glorious imperfections that make us all a limited edition in our own right! 😉

Q5. What is your profession?
Ans 5. A banker by profession, poet by heart.

Q6. Biggest regret in life?
Ans 6. There are a lot of things I regret, but perhaps not being able to help my dad reduce his financial troubles while I was in college… That is something that I regret the most in life.

Q7. Favorite word?
Ans 7. “Perhaps” as it leads to so many poetic paradigms.

Q8. Why do you follow my blog?
Ans 8. Because I love the honesty of your thoughts, the intensity of your emotions & the flamboyant flair that you possess as a writer.

Q9. Who’s your role model?
Ans 9. I appreciate some people, but I don’t consider anyone as my role model, because I feel trying to be like someone would be a waste of the original me.

Q10. If you were an ice cream flavor what would you be?
Ans 10. Chocolate, as it sinfully delights most of the people. xD

Q11. Do you believe in an afterlife?
Ans 11. No, I live in the moment. I don’t believe in Karma either because I feel it may affect the decision that I may otherwise take based on my logic & reasoning. For example: If I see a cake, I pounce on it, regardless of the consequences lol.

My questions for my nominees:
Q1 What’s your most decorated aspiration in life & why?
Q2 Apart from being a magnificent blogger, what other hobbies that you have?
Q3 What’s your outlook towards blogging, as what do you see it as?
Q4 What are your fundamental principles in life?
Q5 What are the things/activities that provide peace to you?
Q6 What is your dream destination & why does it captivate you so much?
Q7 What’s your happiest moment in life that you still cherish?
Q8 Could you name some of the blogs that you enjoy reading on WordPress?
Q9 If you could have a superpower what would it be & why?
Q10 What are your key personal goals for your blog?
Q11 What aspect(s) of my writing skills/ blog appeals to you the most?

My Nominees are as follows:

Shantanu Baruh

Other bloggers/readers are free to nominate themselves for the Liebster Award as well. 🙂

Note: Based on my personal experiences in the past, I’ve always felt it’s better to be an enigma that others wonder rather than an open book that people can easily understand. I know my last poem made some of my readers cry, I sincerely apologize for that. Making you cry was certainly not my intention but instead, it was more like something that I needed to get off my chest. With that all being said, with this post I have tried to entertain you, with a desire to hopefully make you smile by revealing a bit about who I truly am as a person. Thank you again, Anonymously Hal; for considering me worthy of this recognition.

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because every individual is a bundle of stories & I’d like to know you better. 🙂

that's all folks GIF by Space Jam

Quote: Wings


Note: “It matters not how strait the gate how charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul” – from Invictus. We may not be in a position to control a hostile situation but we certainly are in control of the way we respond to that adversity. So in such tough times, I urge my readers to not lose hope & continue to generate positive thoughts. We all are born to fly like the eagles in our own skies of happiness, so why do you choose to crawl into a spell of negative vibes. So spread your wings & conquer your fears. For me personally April ushers in a lot of melancholic memories (some of the upcoming poems may be a bit sad)… I too will try to implement this notion, as I’ll try to decorate my sadness in the form of poetry to delight you, folks. Here & now we are infinite! ❤    

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because every individual is a bundle of stories & I’d like to know you better. 🙂

Gratitude: Open Letter

Being a loner in real life, 4 years ago when I first started the blog I had never imagined in any of my wildest dreams that I’d be able to delight so many people with my rhymes. Reaching 1.5k followers is something that I had never imagined for myself.
The foundation of this blog was laid due to the emotional turmoil that raged within me. Nothing is worse than being surrounded by people who make you feel alone & I often feel lost amidst large crowds. There are times when I can’t say the things that trouble me but I’ve always found it easier to write about them. Initially, I had a very cynical approach to writing as I wanted my nightmares to haunt my readers. I wanted to express the horror of the countless traumas that emotionally impaled me. I wanted the people to realize that depression & anxiety aren’t always just screams & tears… Sometimes it’s the quietest people who contain within them loudest laments.
However, despite my emotional vulnerabilities you always accepted my darkness with open arms. You inspired & instilled the light of compassion within me. Gradually as I realized that my words were relatable to you it changed me as a human being & as a writer. For I no longer wanted to haunt people, I began to decorate my darkness with the sole desire to give hope to someone who was/is going through a similar depressing phase of life. You kissed my scars, filled me with love, gave wings my poetic thoughts… Most importantly at the unpredictable junctures of my life when I was plagued with uncertainly you also held my hand and frivolously danced with my demons. You believed in me when I doubted my own capabilities. Your love has always exceeded my expectations & I really hope that I can live up to the faith that you have so generously blessed me with. When life gave me 1000 reasons to cry, you gave me more than 1500 reasons to smile & in the process you’ve taught me the true meaning of compassion. It’s the light of your love that breathes life into my poems.
Lastly, I’m a human being & I have my share of flaws so I humbly apologize if I or my words ever disappointed or disturbed you in any way. With my every heartbeat & with my every rhyme I thank you for your unconditional benevolence towards a person like me.

collage (2).jpg

Note: A big thank you to all those who made this blog what it is today, please find below the pictures of the special individuals who have immensely supported me in this incredible blogging journey. There are so many individuals whose pictures I wish I could have added in the collage but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reach out to them / get their pictures on time. But I carry them in my heart & each one of you is irreplaceable in your own unique way. ❤


Cornered with the masquerade of a fake smile
Hoping that someone will understand you for a while.
People ignore your insecurities that slither underneath your skin
But you still try your best to fit in.

Some love, some respect you innocently wish to earn
The warm touch of someone’s hand you yearn.
Yet subliminally away from you people turn
& in the flame of your broken dreams you frivolously burn

Surrounded by people who make you feel alone
Your hopeful heart slowly transforms into a stone.
Abandoned in this endless spell of silence
You get enveloped in your mind’s depressing violence.

My dove so why do you burn & bitterly cry
To fit in why do you even try?
Why do you care for what others say?
For you are divine in your own unique way.

Your teary eyes are numb for no valid reason
For every passing moment in itself is a beautiful season.
If ever you feel hostility from our selfish community
Then look within, for within you lies love’s eternity.

You become the prophet of your own delight
Through the darkness discover your inner light.
Strolling alone no matter difficult things may seem
Remember you are beautiful like a poet’s decorated dream.

Perhaps none will fathom your unspoken fears
Perhaps none will wipe your burning tears.
But my precious whenever your heart begins to bleed
Remember you’re the marvelous misfit who is born to lead.

Luis Royo - Fantasy Art - Gothic Angel Holding Demon-618077.jpeg.opt660x450o0,0s660x450

Note: There are times when we feel lost even when we are surrounded by people. There are occasions when we feel like we don’t belong somewhere. Many times I’ve felt like a misfit… However, today being valentine’s day rather than crying or lamenting I thought of celebrating love by dedicating a poem to the people, who at any point in time may have been ignored, heartbroken or felt like a misfit. My dear, you aren’t a lost star in a universe instead, you are an entire universe blossoming within a star. You are flawless in your own unique way.  ❤   

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Blogger Recognition Award

I’d like to sincerely thank Shivani Arora for considering me worthy of this honorable mention. She’s an incredible writer so please visit her blog & let her captivate your imagination with her mesmerizing words.

The Rules are:

1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. Select up to fifteen bloggers you want to give this award to.
6. Comment (or pingback) on each blog to let them know that you’ve nominated them, and provide a link to the post you’ve created.

How my blog was created:


Even as a kid growing up I always perceived myself as that bird. My blog wasn’t born out due to my passion for writing. Instead, it was created when I was going through a dark phase in which I was vulnerable beyond the description of words. There were so many unexpressed nightmares palpitating within my heart that this madness seemed inescapable, but gradually rather than fearing the darkness I embraced it as a poetic element to express myself & in the process delight others.


Advice to new bloggers:

  1. Be yourself: I write dark poems yet there are some individuals who still felt my inner light through my words. Sometimes we fear how our posts may be perceived by others & often we let that fear get the better of us, due to which sadly we tend to throw our masterpieces in the dustbin. So don’t fear what others may think, stay true to yourself & go all out when it comes to expressing something you truly believe in no matter how crazy it may seem.
  2. Build your visibility: It’s not our limited potential that restricts us, instead, it’s our oblivious attitude towards our limitless potential that builds our boundaries. Please don’t see blogging as a mere platform to get likes, comments & followers. Connect with people, have intellectual conversations, provide honest feedbacks & in the process build a heart to heart connect with other wonderful wordsmiths.  


This recognition is open to all as I feel everyone is magnificent in their own unique ways. ❤

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because every individual is a bundle of stories & I’d like to know you better. 🙂



She crawls, weary underneath the night skies
As she contains an ocean of tears in her eyes.
Perhaps with time, she has forgotten how to dream
For she’s expected to conceal her every scream.

She grovels as destiny rips her happiness apart
& her shriveled hopes make her bleed in her heart.
Every day she silently dies a new death
While melancholy dribbles in her every breath.

Others can’t comprehend her heart’s mystic treasure
Seeing her helpless, they attain sadistic pleasure.
But she has merely just fallen on her feet
She is scarred, but she hasn’t accepted her defeat.

She weaves a silk cocoon around her wounded skin
Ignoring the naysayers, she ignites a revolution within.
Although her life has been depressing and tragic
But now her soul triggers divine magic.

Her metamorphosis rages like steroids in her veins
She breaks her cocoon’s confining constrains.
Perhaps about her agony, we shall never know
As she evolves, her sufferings, she chooses to outgrow.

The moon blushes & a nightingale melodiously sings
As in the dark, she expands her colorful wings.
As the angel of the night, she emerges out of her shell
& she glides gently sprinkling her seraphic spell.

Life may have smothered her every innocent desire
But nothing could ever extinguish her inner fire.
Inevitably, from a caterpillar, she transformed into a butterfly
For she wasn’t always meant to crawl, she was born to fly.


This poem is inspired by a dear friend of mine, who sadly is going through some emotional turmoil. I further extend this dedication to all the females who may have gone through/ are currently going through an emotional struggle. The situation & the society may have caused agony to you but I sincerely hope my words can encourage you to discover the beautiful butterfly in your heart that yearns to fly. You aren’t meant to helplessly crawl in life forever, you are born to fly. ❤

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because every individual is a bundle of stories & I’d like to know you better. 🙂

The Butler

“Mr. Burton, would meet you shortly in the living room, Mr. Grant,” said a very charismatic young butler; “In the meantime, I can entertain you with my nonsense.”

Jackson Grant’s mind ventured on an extravagant journey to discover the words that would have been apt to compliment the butler’s witty remark. Yet all his good intentions were smothered by his endless silence as he chose to smile back sheepishly instead. While strolling with the butler through the massive hallway of the grand mansion, every passing moment amplified Jackson’s anxiety regarding this annual performance meeting with his boss (Mr. Burton).

“I know how it would all end up” His mother’s words echoed in his ears; “You’ll be a lamb to slaughter, Jackson. You’ll be intimidated by the occasion & your anxiety would carelessly slither up your spine. I shall just give you the finest amontillado I can find. A bottle of wine can brighten up the darkest of nights & can lead to delightful conversations.”

Jackson wondered looking at the wine bottle if the conversation with Mr. Burton would be delightful & if he would be rewarded with a regular job for the hard work that he had invested in Mr. Burton’s company as an intern.

Disturbed by the awkward silence, in an attempt to break the ice & strike a conversation the Butler curiously asked Jackson “If you don’t mind me asking. How long have you worked in Mr. Burton’s company, Mr. Grant?”  

“For one year.” Jackson stuttered as he was overwhelmed with anxiety. “Ah… I truly respect… Mr. Burton’s work ethic & moral values.”

He made the statement in a weary tone, just to continue the courtesy of the conversation.

“Then you know nothing about the man underneath the tuxedo.” inferred the curious butler; “You would be oblivious to his depression that impales his aching soul.”

“His depression?” asked Jackson; somehow amidst the extravagant lifestyle of Mr. Burton, the possibility of a hidden sense of depression seemed a misfit.

“Do you see the pathway of the back lawn?” enquired the butler, indicating towards a long passage that led to a vast lawn that had countless white lilies. It merged with the dark & dense boundaries of the forest.

“Yes, it’s a beautiful & alluring lawn,” said Jackson; “but what has the lawn & the white lilies got to do with Mr. Burton’s depression?”

“Four years ago on an ominous night. Mr. Burton’s seven-year-old son Wade wandered on the pathway towards the white lilies, he wanted to play amidst the lilies under the pale moonlight, that night. He never came back. Running past through the white lilies master Wade entered the dark woods that harbors the most diabolical wild creatures. It was that shattered full moon night which broke the core of Mr. Burton’s spirit. He wasn’t the same man he was… Now he’s just a shell of a man. The most depressing fact is that the child’s corpse was never recovered. His tender body may be covered in the mud somewhere in the forest without having received a proper funeral.” At this point, Jackson could feel the Butler’s usual pleasant voice swell up with sadness. “Poor Mr. Burton tries his best to be a normal man during the days, but at nights like these, he desperately walks near the lilies in the hope of finding his son. Sometimes it’s on such tranquil full moon nights that he likes to take someone along with him in search of his son but under mysterious circumstances only he manages to return.

The butler hastily shuddered, as across the massive hallway towards the living room a flurry of apologies, from Mr. Burton came to greet Jackson, holding a white lily & a shovel. 

“I’m terribly sorry for the delay, I was trying to find a white lily in the market to plant it in the back lawn. I hope Arthur kept you away from the boredom & loneliness,” said Mr. Burton in an apologetic tone; “This mansion is so huge being stranded all alone, and the loneliness could drive any mortal insane.” 

“Yes, Arthur was rather kind to accompany me in your absence. My anxiety worsens when I’m abandoned alone” Expressed Jackson in a shaky voice.

“Ah! How generous of you Jackson to bring Amontillado. Arthur, would you be so kind enough to serve us the wine,” said Mr. Burton, sipping the wine that Arthur offered to him he continued “I haven’t seen my son for years. He loves the white lily. I plant one in the back lawn on the nights when I incredibly miss him. Finish your wine, Jackson then we’ll go plant the lily in the back lawn & will discuss your future.”      

Tremors ran wild in Jackson’s hand as he witnessed the expression of fright & uncertainty dribble in Arthur’s iris. “No Mr. Burton, I’d rather stay here…” Jackson emphasized on this, as his fears grew in epic proportions.

Leaning towards Jackson, Mr. Burton pointed towards an envelope “I’ve planned an offer you can’t resist unless you think that I intend to bury you & then plant this white lily on top of your grave.” said Mr. Burton hysterically in a light-hearted tone.

However, these words were sufficient to spark a whirlpool of insecurities. Engulfed in terror & horror of his thoughts… Jackson was drenched in cold sweat! He wildly ran for his life. Jackson bumped into Arthur due to which the wine bottle fell from Arthur’s hands & the wine spilled all over the marble floor. Much to the bewilderment & disappointment of Mr. Burton, who witnessed Jackson run like a berserk wild chicken straight out of the front gate of his gigantic mansion as he screamed “I quit!” that seemed to be in perfect synch with the madness of the moment.

“I don’t know what happened, I just said that as a joke. I was willing to pay him $50000 per week for the kind of hard work that he had shown in office,” said a rather surprised & dejected Mr. Burton; “not only did I lose out on a hard-working employee, the rascal also managed to waste all the lovely wine while making a dramatic exit.”  

“He was hard-working but perhaps not worthy of the opportunity that you intended to present him. What a shame, his mental illness may have made him hallucinate things. A man should always know his true quality” Being the silent author of this dramatic chaos, Arthur continued; “A gentle reminder, Mr. Burton you need to pay the fees of Master Wade’s boarding school tomorrow.”

“Oh! I almost forgot about that, it’s because of people like Jackson that I prefer to keep Wade in a boarding school away from me,” said Mr. Burton who went in his room to retire for the day “Thank you for reminding me Arthur, what would have I done without you.”

“Goodnight, sweet dreams Mr. Burton!” said Arthur.

Privately smirking to himself, Arthur knew creating a nightmare in a heartbeat was his true quality. 


Note: I had a conversation with my college teacher, even though I’ve graduated long time ago. My teacher still believes that I’m better with prose in comparison to writing poetry. So I wrote a short story for the first time after nearly 5 years. Please do let me know what you think about the story & what you thought about the character of Arthur in general. I tried to add some layers to this short story, please do let me know which ones were you able to you discover?

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because every individual is a bundle of stories & I’d like to know you better. 🙂



Sunshine Blogger Award

I usually deal with dark poetry but I’m humbled by the recent nominations that I have received for the “Sunshine” Blogger Award. I’d like to thank my friend Pallavi Gupta for making me highlighting the light that breathes within me, even amidst my spell of darkness. She’s a wonderful blogger whose attention to detail in her posts, would captivate you so please do visit her blog. 


Q1) Name one weird thing you find attractive in a person.

Ans: I’m more of a sapiosexual person, so it’s the intellect & the overall personality of a person that makes strike a vibe with that person. Personally, I feel the real beauty of a person resides in their heart & in their thoughts.   

Q2) Can you cook? What do you like to make?

Ans: Yes & I have this wild sense of imagination… Regardless of what the outcome may be,  whenever I step inside the kitchen I feel as if I’m Gordon Ramsey. I once made Shahi Paneer ( Cottage cheese in spicy Indian curry; the only dish that NOW I’m confident of making) for a friend of mine, only to know that he suffered from diarrhea the next morning. Most of my friends still think the only thing I can cook up is stories, but I guess practice makes perfect… I’m a skilled chef now when it comes to cooking Shahi Paneer. 

Q3) Have you ever been in love?

Ans: Yes. It’s one of the most beautiful tragedies that a human being can ever experience, I didn’t deprive myself of that divine delight/ misery. Though it has ultimately resulted in painful outcomes. However, it also gave me some beautiful moments.    

Q4) What’s one thing that’s happened to you that has made you a stronger person?

Ans: My sufferings have made me stronger. Emotionally, I’ve died a new death daily so I’ve lost all sense of fear, lol! 

Q5) When was the last time you tried something new?

Ans: Last week when I tried to cook pasta. I failed terribly on epic proportions, the kitchen was virtually destroyed with a chaotic disaster & I saw my mother rapidly transform into Thanos in 8 dimensions (that shit was scary, I virtually felt my heart creeping all the way down to my bladder in absolute terror, witnessing my mother so angry) lol xD!  

Q6) What social stigma society needs to get over?

Ans: Perhaps we all should be less judgemental. We should respect, understand, appreciate & learn from each others’ differences.   

Q7) Who do you wish you could get back in contact with?

Ans: I’ve had some friends & followers who said to me that for them I was their inspiration, but they were the same people who chose to ignore me in my dark phases when I tried to reach out to them (not for help but just for friendly talks). As they say, people don’t change, just their false mask of sweetness falls off with time. Those people are a thing of the past & the past doesn’t concern me. So I wouldn’t connect with them, I’d disconnect with them completely over a period of time.  

Q8) Do you think age matters in a relationship?

Ans: I’m relatively good at writing, but I’m terribly hopeless when it comes to relationships (I’ve lost count of the number of months I’ve been single for lol). But yea age according to me isn’t & shouldn’t be a yardstick. I’m not saying that an 80-year-old guy should be perving on a 20-year-old girl & that would be fine with me lol. But I feel we are all bundles of imperfections, so for me, a relationship isn’t about finding the special one who meets your checklist of various agendas…Perhaps it’s about finding the one for whom you are willing to mold yourself. It’s about how we mutually embrace each others’ imperfections rather than rate each other on various parameters. 

Q9) What do you do during awkward silence?

Ans: I observe. That helps me be aware of the person, who farted amongst a large group of people. xD

Q10) Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean? 

Ans: Surely, the bottom of the ocean perhaps I’ll discover a mermaid or I’ll be rescued by a female lifeguard. (Please don’t judge me. I already told you, I have a wild sense of imagination xD).  

Q11) What makes you feel appreciated?

Ans: The thing about emotionally broken people like me, is that since we are strangers to kindness & understanding even the smallest of compliments or the smallest acts of generosity can make our hearts smile with joy. Every comment on my blog post makes me smile for hours. I value a genuine conversation, a warm hug/handshake or any kind of compliment more than any materialistic gift. 


You truly are a special mortal if you reached this far down. Your endurance to my nonsensical answers is much appreciated.

  My questions: 

Q1) An incident that had a deep impact on your life?
Q2) What’s your outlook towards life?
Q3) One thing that scares you to the core of your being?
Q4) A flirt or A poet, whom would you like to spend time with?
Q5) One thing that you haven’t done so far but want to do before you die?
Q6) What is your biggest goal in your life?
Q7) If you had one super-power what would it be & why?
Q8) What’s your dream destination?
Q9) The biggest compliment that you’ve ever got on your blog or in person.
Q10) If you could eat only 1 thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
Q11) What can we hope to see on your blog in the upcoming months/ what are future posts going to be about?

My nominations: anyone who is interested in answering my questions, for a sun shines in all our hearts. 

Selflessly Yours


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Want To Know You Better

Hey my precious people,
Kritika (please do visit her blog she’s an absolute wizard with words) tagged me for ‘Wanna Know You Better’ and Beckie from Beckie’s Mental Mess tagged her, wherein I would have to answer her questions and would have to follow some simple rules (mentioned below).

Wanna Know You Better:
The idea is for you to create your own post and title it “Wanna Know You Better”. Then mention the one who nominated you and link back here to this post. I will ask 10 “briefly explain” questions and 10 “this or that” questions. Copy all the questions and answer them one by one. Then pass this along as a challenge to any of your favorite bloggers and mention them in your post. You may create your own questions for those you tag if you want to.


My answers to 10 “briefly explain” questions:

1. What really makes you angry?
A. It’s not the absence of people that haunts you with a feeling of loneliness, sometimes loneliness creeps in when you are surrounded by people who make you feel alone… So yes such fake people make me angry.

2. What is your favorite food that you cannot do without?
A. Paneer (Cottage cheese served in a spicy Indian curry). {PS: I was more possessive about the paneer on my plate than I ever was for any of my exes. xD}

3. What is your biggest fear?
A. Failing to meet the expectations of my loved ones.

4. What has been your biggest accomplishment this year?
A. Buying a Rado watch for my mother… Something that she aspired for ages, there’s a story behind this highlighting the emotional significance. DM me on Instagram / ask me in the comments below if you want to know that story.  

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?
A. Most certainly the only place I want to be in is, in the hearts of my readers. ❤

6. What is your favorite method of relieving stress?
A. Poetry, that’s my emotional therapy.

7. Would you rather live on the Moon or Mars for two years?
A. Moon, since childhood moon, has always captivated me. The way it gently shines amidst the darkness as a symbol of hope is something that has always inspired me.

8. Which is your favorite type of weather?
A. Winters… Don’t feel awkward the Indian summer could roast people to their being’s core. xD

9. What is your favorite sport to play or watch?
A. A tie between Cricket & Football (Soccer).

10. Do you enjoy creative efforts to attract readers to your blog?
A. I just like to decorate my darkness to give hope to others who may be going through a similar emotional struggle.


My answers to 10 “this or that” questions:

  1. Beach or Mountains? Mountains … hands down
  2. Fish or fried chicken wings? No offense but I’m a vegetarian.
  3. Sydney or Rio De Janeiro? I’m a modest guy, and any of the two would suit me as long as someone pays for my flight tickets. xD 
  4. Swimming or climbing hills? None, being the lazy person I barely make the efforts to get out my blanket on a chilly winter morning.
  5. Steak or Lamb? I’d choose to indulge in photosynthesis. xD I’m a vegetarian.
  6. Summer or Winter? Winter
  7. Countryside or the city? Countryside.
  8. Spring or Autumn? Autumn
  9. Political Science or Statistics? None, my mind isn’t designed to convenience the skills of either of these great subjects. xD
  10. Train or Airplane Ride?’ Airplane (& no it’s not coz of the female air hostesses xD, just love the feeling  when the plane takes off)


Thank you Kritika for considering me worthy of your nomination. I’d like to ask the same questions & would nominate everyone who is interested in sharing about their lives. 

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because every individual is a bundle of stories & I’d like to know you better. 🙂 

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Sunshine Blogger Award


I’m exalted, to say the least upon receiving this nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you, Salina, for considering me capable of this award & for believing in the underlying hope for light amidst my dark verses.

Salina is an amazing blogger who has a pretty diverse & unique creative flair. She’s a wonderful human being, a very trust-worthy person & a gem of a friend. Please do visit her blog >


So let’s move on to the Q&A part (I’ll try to entertain you with my honesty). Salina’s questions for me are as follows: 

1. When you go home after a long day at work, Who/What makes you smile and be grateful?

Ans: My manager is super supportive but at times he is no less than any temperamental diva xD. For me greeting him in office, at the start of the day is like a lamb paying regards to his butcher before being slaughtered. On top of that, some serious work-related stress factors cripple the poet in me every now and then. Safe to say every day is a survival story in itself. So when I get back home I usually turn on some instrumental music (mostly violin & piano symphonies) & resort to writing to calm the chaos that brews inside my head after a stressful day at work. It’s this decorated tranquility of the night time that makes me smile.


2. What is your favorite song that can always get you in the mood? (the language of the song doesn’t matter) If possible, please give me a youtube link.

Ans: Coldplay – The Scientist.


3. Do you dance? If so, how badly or how well? If not, Why?

Ans: I dance so horribly bad that you may prefer to be blind rather than witness the sight of me dancing. I wasn’t born to dance, it’s a universal truth & I’ve made peace with this fact. lol


4. Are you a shy person or very outgoing? (introvert or extrovert)when you’re not blogging.

Ans: I may appear like a lyrical Rambo to some on my blog, but in real life, I’m a very shy & quiet person (that may change though depending on the company).


5. How good of a cook are you? i.e., have you ever burnt down the kitchen? (yours or anyone else’s)

Ans: The moment I step into the kitchen I feel like Gordon Ramsey (although the results can be rather debatable xD). I personally feel that cooking food is like a supreme form of art for it has the capability of captivating all our senses. I did end up cooking for a week the food was great but the kitchen was an utter mess… Seeing the absolute carnage I caused in the kitchen, my mother turned into Thanos into a matter of seconds.


6. What is your favorite book you have read, and what about it did you like? 

Ans: The Prophet by Khalil Gibran, I loved the way it described the various aspects of life in such a philosophical way.


7. What is your all-time favorite quote?

Ans: “Cakes & under-wears aren’t meant to be shared with anyone else.” – Sidharth Jain ( lol jk xD); on the serious note … I really like this one “Thank you for the tragedy. I need it for my art.”  by Kurt Cobain.


8. What is your all-time favorite comfort food? The food that you will NEVER say no to. 

Ans: Cakes


9. Do you eat healthy foods only – Or, are Papadams (south-Indian, salty, crunchy, and absolutely yummy to eat as a side dish) or any chips, also allowed in your diet?

Ans: I’m not a food racist lol. Anything that’s served to me (that’s vegetarian) I consume it with utmost delight and humility.


10. If you like ice-cream, what is your favorite Flavour?

Ans: Any & every that’s offered to me for free. xD


11. What is your hobby? – something that keeps your spirit high.

Ans: Writing, reading & listening to poetry is what captivates & delight my spirits. I love engaging in conversations with fellow bloggers to understand their artistic point of view, & in the process, I try to elevate my own outlook towards life.


My nominees are:

  1. Ameet
  2. Sid
  3. Tejasvi
  4. Priyanka
  5. Sneha
  6. Fatimah
  7. Judy Kim
  8. Pooja 
  9. Astrid
  10. Holzie
  11. Kritika


My questions are as follows:
Q1) How did you start your blogging journey?
Q2) What is your masterpiece post & why is it so emotionally close to you?
Q3) Name 7 bloggers that inspire you.
Q4) What aspects of your posts do you focus the most while presenting it to the audience?
Q5) A post on WordPress that you read which had a deep impact on you?
Q6) Share a comment that you received that really made you smile?
Q7) Would you like to share a life-altering encounter?
Q8) What are your dreams & aspirations in life?
Q9) What is that one thing that scares you the most & how have/ are trying to overcome it?
Q10) What’s the legacy you want to leave behind with your blog?
Q11) What will your future posts be about?

Note: Well that’s me unfiltered & uncensored, thanks for taking out the time to know the kind of person I am. 

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Rhyme For My Moon

Being the lone wolf the melancholic monarch
One night alone I ventured into the dark.
Carrying the terrors that impaled my heart
For I contained the pain that tore me apart.

Amidst the torturous serenity of my sadness
I began to burn with my endless madness.
I began to fade into the night’s blackness
With my tears of blood, I painted my life’s canvas.

When all seemed lost I looked up in the sky
& your seraphic soul beamed in my eye.
You made my heart fly like a butterfly
With your gentle grace that streamed like a lullaby.

The sky was blue like melted sapphire
Frivolously decorated with every constellation’s fire.
You liberated me from my every terror and desire
& that memory, in my heart, shall never expire.

That night you casted your healing spell
& your magic in my mind shall eternally dwell.
This friendship of a wolf and the moon legends shall tell
& our bond would make every mortal’s heart swell.

As long as your immortal aura shall shine
In the ambit of your elegance, my soul shall recline.
My moon your charm outlives the parameters of time
& so for you, your wolf howls this rhyme.


Note: They say one truly values something that one is deprived of… perhaps that’s why I value trustworthy friends immensely. This poem intends to highlight the friendship between the moon and the wolf, where wolf expresses his respect and admiration for his moon.

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Poem Part 2/2: Recovery

While his life is a living nightmare
His bleeding soul is dismantled with despair.
Annihilated as he lays ruined beyond repair
He tries to shrug his plight to answer someone’s prayer.

Surrounded by the parasites and the bitter lies
He witnesses the earnest request in someone’s eyes.
Although some angels are nothing but devils in disguise
Still to help someone he chooses to rise.

Impaled by the betrayals of the past
He feels his scar that still bleed frivolously aghast.
He knows his sufferings would forever last
Yet he makes the purpose of his recovery outlast.

As compassion again blooms in his membrane
Someone’s dreams he wants to sustain.
The broken soul smiles amidst his searing pain
While to someone a helping hand he extends again.

Perhaps daily his hopes will embrace the grip of death
& unforgiving life will question his vulnerable soul’s every aspect.
Yet he’ll fight his demons to his last breath
Yet from his ruin, he’ll rise to earn respect.

Though his bleeding scars make him feel unworthy
Still, his wounded spirit now embarks on a journey.
Through his darkness towards his light, he makes a discovery
As he realizes, being ruined was the path to his recovery.

Note: Today was an emotionally challenging day for me as today 5 years ago… life took my dad away from me. 5 years ago today was the day when I died emotionally within for the first time. It was perhaps the first time when I felt psychologically I was ruined beyond repair. Today in the memory of my dad, I chose to give the gift of life to someone who might be going through a similar struggle between life and death. Life ruins us all in some way or the other, but I guess we become the authors of our own recovery when we choose to step on that feeling of being ruined in order to help others. We recover when we wipe someone’s tears, rather than crying ourselves. ❤


Quote: Her Soul

Note: A few days ago, a friend of mine was looking into some fashion magazine and she was deeply concerned about her looks, it seemed as if she felt inferior to others. She expressed to me, that she felt her grace is fading away as the wheel of time carelessly moves on. So this quote is dedicated to all the females, who like my friend get insecure about their looks. Your beauty lies in your soul, it can’t be limited to mirrors and makeup boxes. The treasure of your being can’t be limited to your physique, your true treasure is in the goodness of your heart. Rather than the fancy diamond necklaces, your greatest jewel is your smile that can illuminate this cursed cold world of ours, with a warm majestic light of hope. To all the females out there, I unconditionally adore, value and respect you, for who you are. Please believe in the beauty that breathes within you. ❤