Mermaid & The Sailor

Sailor dreamed about his mermaid in ecstasy
Attaining his magical love was his fantasy.
Sailor sailed the seven seas
Wondering where his mermaid could be.

The world called him a lunatic
But he felt his fantasy was mystic.
Sailor sailed the seven seas
Wondering where his mermaid could be.

For her, he sailed a million miles
Her thought always made him smile.
Sailor sailed the seven seas
He explored his mystic fantasy.

Amidst the storms, amidst the menacing waves
For his mermaid’s love the sailor craved.
Sailor sailed the seven seas
He desperately yearned for his fantasy.

As sure as the river meets the sea
In her arms he swore he’ll be.
Sailor sailed the seven seas
He vowed to fulfill his fantasy.

One night when the stars threw their shining spears
The mystic mythical mermaid gracefully appeared.
She seemed to be the pearl of the sea
She was embodiment of the sailor’s fantasies.

Her aura made the moonlight fade away
That night mermaid’s prime beauty was on display.
The Sailor witnessed that magical moment
Seeking mermaid was his heart-beat’s main component.

When sailor looked into his mermaid’s eyes
The real world seemed false and utter lies.
The sailor had sailed the seven seas
He was one with his soulmate, his ultimate fantasy.


Note: Tried to collaborate the concepts of love & fantasy in this poem of mine. Love certainly  is an important aspect of our lives , in search of true love we stubble & fall. But we shouldn’t loose hope & forge forward in our quest for true love, for a life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruits.


Meaningful Existence

Meaningful Existence

Don’t die half a death
Live a life in each breath.
Don’t live on half dreams
Push yourself to new extremes.

Half a journey, won’t lead you anywhere
Move forward trampling on your despair.
Your half life, is your dark nightmare
But you can overcome it, if you dare.

In life like troubles, people come & go
Heartless souls , your struggles they don’t know.
So don’t invest in fake people
Complete you are, you’re not feeble.

Life will batter you black & blue
& your demons will dance above you.
Nonetheless amidst pain your heart will beat
Your fortitude,would make your existence complete.

Life will test you in plenty
But remember, you’re not lifelessly empty.
So, forge forward my brave-heart friend
May your determination never end.


Note: Tough times sometimes make us doubt our own existence. When tough times arrive we tend to doubt our potential. But we need to realize that when we fail to live up to our expectations, fake people would judge us & our demons would haunt us. It is at this critical moment of our lives that we need to gather our inner strength to face our adversities head on. Our demons & miseries don’t define us, our will to crawl back up after our fall justifies our existence. Our existence isn’t measured by our failures. Our fortitude to forge forward towards forcing a positive change in our lives is what makes our existence meaningful.   

A Hopeful Heart

There comes a time when everyone feels a bit lonely & yearns for that special someone in their life, who could light up their lives. So this poem highlights that hope for that special someone. 

A Hopeful Heart

Forgotten by the world, I here sit alone
With my heart motionless like a stone.
My isolated heart  has an ambition
To be at your feet is it’s sole mission.

Someday to be yours’, it aspires
To be loved by you is what it desires
As sure as the river meets the sea
Someday in your arms my heart shall be.

That glorious moment fate shall dictate
Till that day my heart shall wait.
My isolated heart beats again, in your memory
Thinking that our union shall be something exemplary.

mans cupped hands showing red heart

Dreamer: The Fantasy Explorer

Sometimes in life, we get caught up in the wicked vicissitudes of the materialistic world  that we forget the importance of our individual creativity & imagination. It is at this juncture in life that we must close our eyes on the outer world in order to connect with the world that resides within us (our personal creativity). Yes hard-work is important in life , but one must not be so caught up with reality that he/she loose their ability to imagine & embrace the creativity that resides within them.

Dreamer: The Fantasy Explorer

My heart holds an imaginary ecstasy,
I explore a world which seems like a fantasy.
In my world i love to explore
To discover something new, is what i adore.

People think that I day dream
while my mind continues to flow like a stream
The world regards me helplessly insane
As I continue to  wander in my fantasy lane.

To the world this dreamer has one advice,
That imagination can be a blissful paradise
So close your eyes, in order to see
realize, how glorious your imagination can be.

Don’t let the materialistic world corrupt your originality
Let your creativity nurture your personality.
Fly freely in the realm of time,
Enjoy your fantasy in it’s prime.


True Beauty

Few months ago my mum told me how low self esteem caused depression to her when she was young. I thought to myself that there would be other females too who might live with such kinda misconception that they are ugly. I personally think that no female is ugly , they are all blissfully graceful in their own unique ways & this poem intends to highlight the fact that it’s more important to have a beautiful personality than to have physical beauty.

True Beauty

To them  I am a disgrace
They despise me when they look at my face.
With a stigma I deal with depression,
numb & cold I’m in isolation.

The world confronts me with cruelty,
Ignoring my blissful personality.  
Wish people were wise & they could realize,
That it’s in the personality where true beauty lies.

Physical beauty is an illusion for the eye,
It rapidly fades away with time.
But my personality is like wine,
With age it’ll transmute into something divine.





My Creativity, My Child

Creativity is an integral part of a creative person’s  existence he/she uses it to craft magic. The person’s creative product is like a child of his/ her creative imagination. The creative product defines the creative person  yet there comes a time when he/she has to part away from it & let the society  make it’s decision regarding that piece of creativity. This poem tries to highlight the paradox which a creative person might face, he/she may put his/her soul into it yet at the end of the day it may never completely belong to them.

My Creativity, My Child

I crafted you with my creativity
molded you to the best of my ability.
you are the fire of my inner desire
the manifestation of what I aspire.

I made you from the emotions of my heart.
You’re a fragment of my soul, my flawless art.
Yet from you I must draw apart
this is how far, our bond shall last.

I must part from you somehow,
as you belong to the society now.
The society shall decide your fate
it may consider you trash or something great.

People won’t understand the value of our bond
with negativity to us, they might respond.
Accepting your flaws i must move on
so that in a new form you are reborn.