Tomb of My Dreams

Tomb of my dreams is a symbol of depression & agony that settles in when our dreams & aspirations are broken by the wicked vicissitudes of life. Demons/devils are the fears & hardships that constantly try to harm us in some way or the other. We must not give up in life & let the depression take over so that it dictates it’s terms to us, instead we must move forward accepting whatever life has to throw at us with open arms & a smile on our face, because we all are greater than our hardships in life.

Tomb of My Dreams

Life opened my eyes to it’s brutality,

As my dreams were crushed by reality.

My heart was once filled with dreams,

Now it’s haunted by their helpless screams.


I sit here in the tomb of my dreams,

As devils and demons fly above me.

My soul cries tears of blood,

As my dreams are buried in mud.


My dreams were murdered by my fate,

But one day they shall reincarnate.

On the grave of my dreams I shall wait,

For their resurrection which I’ll someday celebrate.


In life we fall, we rise,

Sometimes we die a bit inside.

We must take hardships in our stride,

So that our existence is justified.


Although the night is deadly dark,

In darkness shines the brightest star.

Tomb of my dreams gave me a scar,

But with a new dream on my journey I’ll embark.



Judy & The Judge

Introduction:-  this poem deals with the stress which students these days have to deal with. Raising a voice against the oppressive education system that is stern bent on draining out the creativity & uniqueness of a student.


Judy & The Judge


Judy went to the judge one day,

The judge thought she came to play.

Judge asked “how can I help you dear?”

Little Judy smiled & came near.


She wanted her teacher in jail,

where she hoped he would cry & wail.

The judge was perplexed as she complained

Judy continued with her case & vividly explained.


“Stress from my teacher replaces fun

I can’t go outside to enjoy the sun.

As the flowers beautifully bloom,

With homework I feel trapped in my room.


Various points my teacher wants me to memorize

but the stress I deal with he doesn’t realize.

With every page of the book that I turn,

I feel like I’m turning into a book worm.”


After hearing to this the judge realized

that life of the student was getting compromised.

The education system surely needs to be questioned

whether it leads to a student’s depression.


Gone are the days when creativity was glorified,

now due to  stress the student’s brain gets fried .

The cruel system kills a student’s originality,

by causing stress, it corrupts their personality.