Corporate Chameleon

I see you stepping into the office
& the very sight makes me nauseous.
Those who see you as human, are mistaken
I know that you’re a living form of Satan.

You, senselessly plan to allocate work
Setting unrealistic deadlines, you go berserk.
Ignoring your work, you’re a serial slacker
Highly unproductive, you just blabber.

Like a fat boy, cherishes cookies & nuts
You worship & lick the boss’ butt.
I get headaches, from your constant chatter
& my ears bleed with your false flatter.

With deceiving words, you manipulate others
Like a chameleon you too change your colors.
While others day-dream about breaking your neck
Yet you work with no professionalism or respect.

Work with dedication & values my friend
Because once your manipulative games end.
Others will kick your rear-end, for your deceit
& it’ll hurt, whenever you sit on the toilet seat.


Note: Yes corporate life can be stressful at times, but sometimes there are certain individuals who add fuel to the fire with their deceitful & manipulative actions. It’s really sad with the way some people resort to indulging in such kind of malpractices at work, with an objective of passing the buck rather than take full ownership of the task assigned to them. This poem in a humorous way tries to expose & criticize that very mentality which seems to be propagating on all levels of professional world. Work with professional ethics & moral values to earn your daily bread, don’t resort to manipulation in order to climb the ladder.

Song of a Clown

Note:- There was a time in my life when I felt that this world was a circus, I was the clown in it & fate mocked at my misery. But yet regardless of the storm of sorrow raging within me, I tried my best to make people around me happy because I valued their happiness more than my own pain. This poem deals with the importance of generating smiles & seeking pleasure in someone else’s  happiness.


Song of a Clown

With a smile on my face
I doddle around with grace.
To people I’m a lunatic clown
On me, some get angry & they frown.

They’re oblivious to my method of madness
as I spread smiles & decrease their sadness.
More than I take, I aim to give
spreading smiles is, for what I live.

I step on various miseries of mine
As their smiles to me are priceless & divine.
Being regarded a joker I don’t mind
As long as people continue to laugh & smile.





Shaun: Serial Slacker

Note:-  This poem highlights how the laid back attitude of a person can have a negative impact on the organization as well as on the life of a trainee who is inspired to learn more.

Shaun: Serial Slacker


In work I give my 100 percent

yet I get a feeling of torment.

People can’t hear my silent lament,

Monday office is a disturbing event.


Shaun my supervisor is a slacker,

who doesn’t work but loves to blabber.

He is a jerk who goes berserk

& creatively makes excuses to avoid work.


He roams in office like a horse,

for his irresponsibility has no remorse.

when work comes he loves to delegate,

while we are left in a helpless state.


Our learning gets badly impacted,

as from work Shaun gets easily distracted.

Thanks to him our learning curve never expanded,

& with workload we are always stranded.


Moving forward in life I pray,

if I am made a supervisor someday,

unlike Shaun never from work I’ll stray away,

with dedication I’ll complete work everyday.