Come Rest In My Heart

Looking into your dreary eyes
I feel you bleed, from inside.
By life’s treachery you’ve been victimized
You silently scream as you’re traumatized.

Your hopes crumble to the floor
Broken & dead, amidst life’s ruthless roar.
You’re lifeless, behind a locked door
Hiding pain, with sadness your heart soars.

Your soul is tortured & torn apart
Haunted by nightmares, of the past.
But please don’t cry alone in the dark
Come friend, come rest in my heart.

Alone you fought & bled for years
To your teary tales, I lend my ears.
Give my eyes, with your burning tears
& tell me, all your ominous fears.

While you’re depressed, plagued by stress
On my chest, put your miseries to rest
Share the deep seas, of your sorrow
Because, your sorrow, I intend to borrow.

If the night is depressingly long
I’ll hold your hand, from dusk till dawn.
Please don’t cry alone in the dark
Come friend, come rest in my heart.


Note:- Often there is this emotional hunger within us to speak & express ourselves, sometimes this emotional hunger to be heard becomes so obsessive that we completely forget that listening to someone else’s misery is as important as expressing ourselves. It is due to this insensitive & selfish trait of ours that people have stopped expressing the true magnitude of their pain to anyone because none is there to listen to their agony. I wrote this poem as I realized that there are people around me who are going through an emotional struggle be it due to some disease, heartbreak, past stigmas or death of a loved one. Through the medium of this poem, I just wish to express to those people that their might be times when I might not always be able to provide the best of advice to them, but I’ll always be there to listen to their problems with compassion. I’m always there to listen & emotionally support anyone going through any kind of emotional distress.

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Quote: Incomplete


Note: There are days when you emotionally broken and incomplete… There are days when you feel the darkness is too much to handle. I know it’s easier said than done, but I want you to have faith in yourself; because like a beautiful crescent sparkling in the night sky, you too might be someone’s beacon of hope in their hour of darkness.    
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The Unsung Heroes (Collab with Ameet)

My verses: 

Amidst the terrorizing tranquility of the night
A knight emerged through the darkest hour’s plight.
Despite the fact, his own fears began to take flight
Yet to protect his loved ones he knew he had to fight.

The knight had taken the onus to shield their nest
He carried the expectations of others on his chest.
To ensure others are able to calmly dream and rest
Secretly depriving himself of sleep, he put his soul to test.

The knight chose a crown of thorns, though he deserved a throne
For others, he confronted and withstood life’s every cyclone.
Sacrificing his happiness, others sorrow he preferred to own
For being the lone wolf, he fought & walked alone.

When devils riding nightmares approached his door
They tried to burn everyone’s hopes to the floor.
The warrior in him began to rage and roar
To defend others’ dreams he emerged ready for war.

The bloodthirsty demons began to intimidate and scream
They exhibited the wrath of their diabolical schemes.
Yet amidst the chaos to protect others’ every dream
The knight pushed his being to, surreal extremes.

He was wounded and scared yet his intentions were clear
He knew he was deprived of the luxury of shedding tears.
He impaled all the devils and nightmares with his spear
That night for others, he conquered all his fears.

Though he hides his wounds from the crowd
Though over his head there is always a dark cloud.
But whenever demons howl at his loved ones, aloud
The unsung hero shall rise unbroken and unbowed.


Ameet’s Verses:
A boy, younger than the rest,
Has brains amongst the best,
Every time He looks out of his nest,
He thinks of the goal of life, lest,
Everyone sleeps, the people rest,
The enemy feels the chance is best,
So who would look after their nest?
So let me not sleep tonight or lest…
The adult boy now serves his mother,
He stays awake for the sleep of others,
What happens next, he doesn’t bother,
He is awake, the thought is soother,
Look after yourself, advises his mother,
You are my only hope, there’s no other,
But courageous he is, nothing to bother,
Sacrificing dreams, other lives soother…
I salute you! O, Child! O my brother!
Words have stopped pouring further,
So put my pen to rest and smother
Your family, your child is no other…


Note: Sometimes there are people who protect us from the things that may harm us in any imaginable ways. Yet we fail to appreciate and value such guardian angels in our lives. They are the unsung heroes, who secretly sacrifice a fragment of their souls with a smile for us. These poems are dedicated to all people who at some point have felt like unsung heroes in the lives of their loved ones. 

I had the pleasure to collaborate with Ameet Kothari. He’s a wonderful blogger and possesses a beautiful soul. Do check out his blog >>>>> 

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Quote: Fears and Dreams

Note: I often find myself emotionally stranded in a tug of war between my fears and my dreams. I don’t know what the future might hold for me, but despite the constant fear of my fall, I’ll always drift in the direction of my dreams with a hope to learn to fly someday.

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Quote: Bravery


Note: This quote is inspired by a conversation I had with one of my followers on Instagram. She thought I was quite brave as a person because she never saw me flinch with fear but honestly speaking, at the end of the day I too am a human. There are situations when I break from within feeling scared, not knowing what might happen but I stare at my demons right in the eye because I know every fear, every agony has a purpose. Just like my demons I too have a purpose – & that is to learn from them by confronting them. So my point is bravery isn’t about the lack of fear, it’s about having the intent to bite the bullet when deep down your heart trembles with terror. Please let me know what’s your perception/ definition of bravery, I would love to hear from you. ❤

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Roses’ Fragrance

Fading like a lost dream, at night
I wandered alone through life’s gloomy street,
I strolled under the pale moonlight,
Not knowing what mystery I shall greet;
Amid the night’s howling breeze,
I walked, past the dense forest trees.

Behind the mountain, near the sea,
There came a valley of roses on the way,
& a million petals bloomed symmetrically for me;
As some mystic message, they wished to convey,
At the moment’s blissful beauty I gazed
For a mortal, couldn’t help but be amazed.

Past their thorns, they dribbled their scent,
& their sacred fragrance reached for my heart,
Healing my troubled soul’s painful lament
Through their perfumed majestic work of art.
Despite their thorns, their alluring aroma still did last,
Perhaps even with my flaws, such magic I too can cast.

Often when demons dance in my brain
Shattered, alone, when I’m in a depressed state
My weary soul walks through the roses again;
& I realize that I’m the master of my fate,
My bleeding soul heals with a soothing patience,
For its scars get kissed by the roses’ fragrance.


Note: Rose has a flower as always captivated me because, despite its thorns, it still stands as a symbol of eternal grace. I personally feel that in its own beautiful way it teaches us that we shouldn’t let our flaws/shortcomings eclipse the inner goodness that resides within us. I hope that the fragrance of your heart mesmerizes others because regardless of what you might think about yourself, I know that your heart is nothing less than a blooming rose! ❤

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The Knife

I remember that wretched night
When in darkness, bitterly, I cried
& at my despair, my demons smiled
That helpless night…. I had a knife.

I questioned my existence’s purpose
As I felt like a hopeless clown in a circus.
Corrupted by the problems of my life
That helpless night…. I had a knife.

With tears streaming from my eyes
On my nerve, I placed the knife.
Like a bee yearns nectar, from a bud
The knife yearned the taste of my blood.

I had a dark desire to use the knife
But flashed before me my mother’s eyes.
I slowly realized, my life could impact other lives
& this decimated the seduction of the knife.

I understood the value of my life
As amidst the pain, I learnt to smile.
For others, I decided to rise
That night….. I threw away the knife.

Note: From the depths of darkness & depression, our life gets plagued by negative thoughts. I admit I too had suicidal thoughts few years ago. So this poem is a slight peek into my past & also hopes to serve as a message to anyone who might be going through a similar traumatic struggle. To me every life counts, no matter how depressing the situation might be always remember that your mere existence is the reason as to why someone smiles. So why indulge in an act that replaces, that “someone’s” smile with tears of despair? The knife in this poem is not just an entity but the very embodiment of suicidal thoughts that corrupt & stab the very soul of a depressed person. I urge all my readers to be understanding & compassionate towards the troubles that anyone around them faces. Please show the troubled souls that you care, so that none ever picks up a knife due to depression & helplessness.

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My Inner Demon (Collab With Riya)

A defeatist thought, a silent night
Makes me doubt all my will and might.
Optimism is obstructed by my psychological plight
I’m defenseless against a demon, that I fear to fight.

This inner demon, has corrupted my mind’s peace
& my torture-tainted spirit, has broken down to its knees.
The demon decimates me, to extreme degrees
Every day it grows like a cancerous disease.

I fight for each breath smothered by utter blackness
Imprisoned in this inescapable grip of my darkness.
I feel a slave to this melancholic madness
While everyone is oblivious to my silent suffocating sadness.

My heart palpitates with the fear of the unknown
Mocked, abandoned… I stand vulnerable & alone.
I hopelessly drown in a world of my own
While my existence reduces to a lifeless stone.

Numb & haunted, I lay in my bed
As this demon screams inside my head.
Although emotionally I feel as if I’m dead
Yet embracing my inner light, this layer of darkness I shed.

While a vicious internal battle awaits to begin
My inner beast starts to crawl underneath my skin.
Amidst the chaos, I seek my inner light within
& impaling my demon, I quietly celebrate my win.


Note: They say if you are able to defeat your inner demons, then the threat of the external demons seem meaningless. There are times when we get victimized by our inner demons in the form of stress, depression, anxiety or other psychological problems. I’ve danced with my share of demons in the past & based on my personal experience, I just want to say to possibly someone else who might be going through a similar phase of life; that please don’t lose hope. Your loved ones may abandon you, society, in general, may mock at your misery, but please never forget that you are & always will be bigger than your inner demons. May you impale your demons & the naysayers with your incorruptible fortitude! ❤   

I had the honor to collaborate with Riya for this poem. Please do check out her blog, she’s a wonderful writer:

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The Mask

I saw you shuffling on a dark dreary night
As you drew away from everyone’s sight.
From everyone you tried to hide your plight
With your demons as you had a fight.

Ensuring your traumatic tales didn’t reach anyone’s ears
You removed the mask, that you wore for years.
Concealing your depression, you drank your tears
You burnt, you bled, dreaming about your fears.

Wearing your mask, you would skillfully pretend
As on you, others used to frivolously depend.
A helping hand you would always extend
Instilling hope, other’s broken dreams you intended to mend.

With time your mask got engraved on your skin
Behind your mask, emotionally you died within.
Although alone you suffered from fate’s diabolical sin
Yet flashing fake smiles, you held up your chin.

While your soul gets annihilated with pain
You bury your demons inside your brain.
Your crown of thorns you rise to attain
Amidst the chaos, your mask you wear again.

About your problems, people will never have a clue
Even if life may bruise you black & blue.
They’ll never understand what you’ve been through
Because they selflessly, can’t wear the mask as you.

Note: There are times when for the sake of your loved ones’ happiness it’s easier to pretend a fake smile than to express the true magnitude of your sadness to them. It’s at this juncture of life when one chooses to wear a mask. A mask that although can kill us from within as we try to hide our tears behind it, but it can also craft smiles for others as it imbues hope in the hearts of our loved ones that everything is alright & that they can depend on us. This poem deals with the emotional turmoil that goes behind that mask that all of us adorn every now and then.

If you have ever been in a situation where you had to wear such kind of mask & would like to talk about it, to get it off your chest then please feel free to leave a comment, because behind every mask there is a story & behind every hidden tear there is an opportunity to transform it into a splendid smile. 🙂

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Quote: Poisonous Hate

Note: There are times when you realize that the people whom you considered as angels in your life are nothing but deceiving sinful serpents, who want to emotionally annihilate you. However, based on my personal experience I urge you to channelize that hate in such a way that it becomes the fuel that ignites a burning desire of fortitude within you. Don’t let anyone’s poisonous hate corrupt the goodness that vests within you. ❤


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Quote: Stars’ Shine

 Note: At some point of our lives we all are smothered by darkness, but instead of being intoxicated with a feeling of utter helplessness, we must embrace the hostility of the situation in such a way that we evolve as stronger individuals. For it is the mysterious depth of darkness that makes the stars shine beyond their true capacity.

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A Dreamer In The Dark

At nights, when mystery streams
When the pale moon, blatantly beams.
Deep into the darkness, a boy dreams
While all his nightmares, within him scream.

Drowning in the burning depths of hell,
Amidst life’s enchanted atrocious spell.
He pretends a fake smile so wildly well
It hides depression within him, that dwells.

Carrying his traumas, his dark obsessions
He dives into a galaxy of fantasy fiction.
Where like an opium addict’s, dreamy illusion
A world of his own he creates, he envisions.

Happiness is, but a dream for him
For his reality is ghastly, grey & grim.
The scars of sadness, embrace his skin
Yet dreaming makes him, smile within.

With his thoughts, darkness he decorates
With his wisdom, misery he celebrates.
With his hidden tears, smiles he creates
With his dreams, others’ lives he elevates.

Lingering hopes may continue to depart
Smothering Sadness may tear his soul apart.
Pulsating pain may rip his heart
But he’ll still be a dreamer in the dark.


Note:- I sincerely feel that if darkness of some situation descends upon us, we must accept it with a smile on our face &  with a desire in our hearts seeking wisdom to evolve as a stronger individual. But there comes a phase when amidst all the sadness & the moment’s madness one might become bitter & might give up on their dreams. So this poem is dedicated to all the dreamers like me & hopes to deliver a heart-felt message that regardless of how depressing the situation might be, fight with fortitude, marching towards your dream, do not give up on your dream. Believe in the goodness of your dreams rather than the negativity of the dark gruesome situation for a dreamer/ believer even in darkness is capable of crafting miracles & smiles for others.  

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Hymn For Humanity (Collaboration with Tejasvi)

Caring these days is a lost art,
No one cares for the pain in someone’s heart.
We think we are civilized and smart,
But our humanity is falling apart.

We are only concerned about our own gains,
Drenched in greed, we’re going insane.
Unsympathetic we are to others’ pain,
For the devil resides in our brains.

The blood of humanity stains our world,
As the concept of sympathy gets blurred.
Why have we become so insensitively absurd?
Why is there hate in our every word?

For the stars in heaven above that gleam,
For the demons in hell underneath that scream,
Tell my soul, that sorrowfully bleeds,
Tell me, why can’t someone’s misery we feel?

We must quit our cruelty and abuse,
Others’ kind hearts we should never misuse.
Instead, we must put ourselves in their shoes,
And whenever we can, we should be of good use!

This selfish world we must refashion,
By building bonds with true compassion,
So that our souls get satisfaction,
As we put our emotional healing into action.

Let’s link arms and form a community,
And spread smiles at every opportunity.
Let our hearts be filled with purity,
Embracing our diversity, let us rise in unity.

Just a warm smile can come a long way,
To brighten someone’s life every day.
Let’s maintain our composure come what may,
Ensuring we only have kind words to say.



Note: Humanity is that one trait that separates us humans from animals, but as the wheel of time carelessly moves on this divine trait seems to be fading away from our existence. Consumed with greed, entrapped in a cut-throat competition, it’s like we are in a rat race, yearning to see others perish. It’s easy to mock & judge a hurt soul, but it takes a considerable amount of strength to create miracles of someone’s life, it takes humanity to turn someone’s cry into a smile. So I urge my readers to extend a helping hand to heal others rather than pointing fingers & mocking a troubled heart. Create miracles for someone, heal with humanity.  

I had the honor of collaborating with Tejasvi for this poem, please do visit her blog > she’s a fantastic writer. 

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Quotes: False Illusions

Note: Sometimes our desires & hopes are nothing but mere false illusions, but as the wheel of time carelessly moves on these false illusions become a part of existence to such an extent that when they die amidst the raging roar of the ruthless reality, a part of us dies along with them.. I being a victim of such false illusions have virtually died a new death each day in the past, so based on my personal experience to fellow dreamers like me would just like to say that dare to craft dreams with love and compassion but please don’t be a salve to false illusions.

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Your Fake Smile

Your depression kills you from inside
I see the helplessness in your eyes.
It’s like you commit emotional suicide
Every time you flash a fake smile.

Plagued by demons inside your head
Tears of blood, you begin to shed.
Hopelessly, your spirit seems dead
Pain in your heart starts to spread.

With depression, you get deformed
Yet you wear, your crown of thorns.
Fighting, the emotional & social norms
You fake a smile, amidst the storm.

Carrying life’s burden on your shoulder
You bleed like a wounded soldier.
Victimized, by life’s ruthless exposure
Faking a smile, you maintain your composure.

Helplessness kills you from inside
I hear your soul’s silent cry.
Your anguish, from me please don’t hide
Don’t deceive me, with your fake smile.

Horizon of your despair, may expand
But I want you, to understand.
By your side, I’ll always stand
Amidst the darkest hour, I’ll hold your hand.

So behind fake smiles, don’t be traumatized
Together side-by-side, we shall fight.
Like a bright phoenix, you shall rise
With a smile, as big as river Nile.

Note:- Sometimes we all wear masks to hide our true emotions from others, one of the most harmful masks that most of  us wear is that of a fake smile. Fake smile enables a person  to pretend a smile amidst pain, but somewhere deep down as the person hides their pain it makes them hollow from within, the core essence of their happiness gets affected which might lead to depression. I sincerely urge all my readers to be understanding & compassionate to the various people around. If you feel that someone is hiding their pain, give them a hug, show them that you care about their happiness & well-being, support them in their fight by nurturing their troubled hearts with compassion. This world would be a better place to live if we try to compassionately heal each other’s agony.



Pain – My Preacher

Once upon a Twilight, teary
As I felt weak & weary.
Happiness seemed an imaginary theory
For life, was dull & dreary.

Demons danced inside my brain
They screamed, they drove me insane.
My sadness, I couldn’t contain
With tears, I greeted Pain.

Pain came, with a deadly grace
It enveloped me, in its tight embrace.
Pain smirked, knowing I couldn’t escape
A dagger came out, from its briefcase

As Pain mated with my fate
With time, Pain became my soulmate.
Imbuing wisdom, Pain made me great
My Pain’s preaching, I celebrate.

Pain had stabbed my helpless heart
My wounded soul, it had ripped apart.
But Pain also showed me a new path
With wisdom, I had made a new start.

Pain’s dagger had made me bleed
But also wisdom, it engraved, within me.
With my bleeding soul, now I feel mystique
Resilient I am, no longer I feel weak.

Note: Sometimes life gives more painful experiences than death. Pain is something that plagues & corrupts everyone’s life every now & then. At times we do feel helpless & broken but it is at this juncture in life when I urge my readers to push through the pain, seek wisdom & fortitude from your misery. See pain as an opportunity to evolve as a stronger individual, embrace & celebrate it rather than getting bogged down by it’s negativity. Please do let me know if you ever had/ having any painful experience in your life that you feel like sharing by commenting down below as a concerned friend just want you to know that I’m always there for you & feel free to reach out to me if that pain is unbarable, together we are going to fight through it with a smile. 🙂 ❤ 

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