Magnificent Mum

Holding my hand, you taught me to walk
Like a friend, with you I talk.
Expressing your greatness, I run out of words to say
But mum, you are magnificent in your own way.
When confronting my demons, I don’t have a clue
Emotionally, when I’m battered black and blue.
Like a lost puppy, here and there, I follow you
Amidst my darkness, I always look up to you.

In my darkness, you’re my shining light
Motivating me, you say everything’s gonna be alright.
You guide me where I’m wrong, where I’m right
You’re an absolute delight,  you inspire me in my fight.

In you, I see a reflection of me
Flawless like you, I hope to be.
You are a symbol of love & grace
May your lovely smile, never desert your face.

I always thank you, in my prayers
& if you ever feel victimized by despair
I want you to know, that I’m always there
Together, we’ll sail through the dark nightmare.

I love you, to you may I not say
But having you around, I’m thankful everyday.
Expressing your greatness, I run out of words to say
But mum you are magnificent in your own way.


Note: This poem is inspired by the emotions of a friend of mine towards her mother. Hearing the kind of love she possessed towards her mother, made me realize the true value of a mother in a child’s life. So this poem is dedicated to each & every mother across the globe, saluting their unconditional love, selfless sacrifices & never-ending support towards their children. 

I’ll Be There

Sometimes life hits us in the face
& we wonder what’s our mistake.
That’s when our hope crashes
& our desires burn to ashes.

Dreams decimate, the ones which we had built  
& our self belief gets mercilessly killed.
Destiny plays it’s cruel games
Judgemental people give us names.

In life’s battlefield, you are your own solider
Fighting your demons, you battle with composure.
Battling, for others you set an example
But stuff in life gets tough to handle.

As your miseries continue to grow
That’s when I want you to know.
That I’ll be there to wipe your tears
I’ll be your shield against your fears.

Battling, you may fall down in dirt
Badly wounded & helplessly hurt.
But remember for you I’m always there
& together we’ll overcome any nightmare.

If you breakdown & get depressed
you can rest your head on my chest.
Even in hell if we both have to burn
Won’t leave you alone at any turn.   

In your darkness I’ll be your fire
To make you smile is my desire.
Remember for you I’m always there
& together we’ll overcome any nightmare.


Note: This poem is like a heart felt message for all my followers, friends & family members who might be feeling victimized by some stressful situation in their lives. I know that I might not be able to spend quality time with you guys these days but believe me I’m just a call/ message away. Regardless of how grim the situation might be at your end, I’ll always be there for you. In your darkness I’ll be your light, period ! Feel free to connect with me on my Facebook >

A Child’s Smile

It was a depressing dark night
Tears dribbled, my demons won the fight.
In darkness as I secretly cried
I heard an innocent soul giggle & smile.

A child was playing in the dark
carefree & sinless was his heart.
Amidst the darkness of the night
The boy laughed & smiled bright.
His laughter reminded me of my past
I recalled my childhood, that depleted fast.
Those were days when I had no worries
life was peaceful, blessed with luxuries.

My smile faded away with time
By life’s hardships I was victimized.
Just then the child held my hand
I felt as if my sorrow he understands.

I saw the child’s hopeful smile
There was a blissful twinkle in his eye.
Amidst my depression I realized
The child was a younger reflection of mine.    
Dawn breaks, the sun begins to shine
The child’s smile motivates me to rise.
Fulfilling child’s dream is a duty of mine
Unlike me, on his smile he’ll never compromise.


Note:- I personally feel that dull is the soul of a person who cannot cherish & admire the innocence that oozes out from the smile of a child. Through the medium of this poem I want to convey that every child in his/her own right is a promise for tomorrow & a blessing for today. This poem also aims to highlight the value of mutual respect between younger & older generation.

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Mermaid & The Sailor

Sailor dreamed about his mermaid in ecstasy
Attaining his magical love was his fantasy.
Sailor sailed the seven seas
Wondering where his mermaid could be.

The world called him a lunatic
But he felt his fantasy was mystic.
Sailor sailed the seven seas
Wondering where his mermaid could be.

For her, he sailed a million miles
Her thought always made him smile.
Sailor sailed the seven seas
He explored his mystic fantasy.

Amidst the storms, amidst the menacing waves
For his mermaid’s love the sailor craved.
Sailor sailed the seven seas
He desperately yearned for his fantasy.

As sure as the river meets the sea
In her arms he swore he’ll be.
Sailor sailed the seven seas
He vowed to fulfill his fantasy.

One night when the stars threw their shining spears
The mystic mythical mermaid gracefully appeared.
She seemed to be the pearl of the sea
She was embodiment of the sailor’s fantasies.

Her aura made the moonlight fade away
That night mermaid’s prime beauty was on display.
The Sailor witnessed that magical moment
Seeking mermaid was his heart-beat’s main component.

When sailor looked into his mermaid’s eyes
The real world seemed false and utter lies.
The sailor had sailed the seven seas
He was one with his soulmate, his ultimate fantasy.


Note: Tried to collaborate the concepts of love & fantasy in this poem of mine. Love certainly  is an important aspect of our lives , in search of true love we stubble & fall. But we shouldn’t loose hope & forge forward in our quest for true love, for a life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruits.


The Kashmiri Girl

The Kashmiri Girl


Twinkle of her eyes was divine

Her lips were red as the wine.

She was an angel walking on ground

The Kashmiri girl, spread purity all around. 


Her skin was as white as the snow

Her smile was mystic, it had a glow.

She was an angel walking on ground

The Kashmiri girl, spread purity all around.


She was the nightingale of the valley

Her songs brought joy in every alley.

The valley echoed the songs of her heart

The angel’s musical notes were a form of art.


As pleasing as spring’s gentle breeze

She was the symbol valley’s peace.

But one day peace got deranged

When they came, things changed.


They were the sons of devil

Terror reigned, innocent children trembled.

As terror was mercilessly unleashed

Blood of innocent dribbled down the streets.


The beautiful valley turned bloody red

Peace withered & was helplessly dead.

As the Kashmiri girl saw blood all around

She broke down helplessly on the ground.


Angel’s songs changed into helpless cries

And tears of blood oozed from her eyes.

Media & politicians got their share of limelight

But none stood against terrorists to fight.


The devil’s sons seeing blood were thrilled

Amidst the violence, valley’s angel too was killed.

Messenger of peace, laid dead on the ground

Victim of terrorists, her blood spilled all around.


Have a look at innocent blood on the ground

Hear the helpless cries of innocent all around.

Kashmiri girl’s blood screams out for peace

It pleads to eradicate terrorism’s disease.


Is humanity in your beating heart dead?

Isn’t the color of your blood red?

Against terrorism won’t you take a stand?

Won’t you pray for peace in Kashmiri girl’s land?



 Note: My heart bleeds hearing about terrorist attacks on the borders of my country. Would further like to add that terrorism isn’t linked to a particular religion, caste or creed. Terrorism pertains to a rigid mindset of certain people who have no religion & see bloodshed as their sole purpose of existence. I hope this poem of mine expresses the fact that how terrorism is killing the society as a parasite, with unity & brotherhood we all must take a stand against it. May peace be restored for mankind.




Meaningful Existence

Meaningful Existence

Don’t die half a death
Live a life in each breath.
Don’t live on half dreams
Push yourself to new extremes.

Half a journey, won’t lead you anywhere
Move forward trampling on your despair.
Your half life, is your dark nightmare
But you can overcome it, if you dare.

In life like troubles, people come & go
Heartless souls , your struggles they don’t know.
So don’t invest in fake people
Complete you are, you’re not feeble.

Life will batter you black & blue
& your demons will dance above you.
Nonetheless amidst pain your heart will beat
Your fortitude,would make your existence complete.

Life will test you in plenty
But remember, you’re not lifelessly empty.
So, forge forward my brave-heart friend
May your determination never end.


Note: Tough times sometimes make us doubt our own existence. When tough times arrive we tend to doubt our potential. But we need to realize that when we fail to live up to our expectations, fake people would judge us & our demons would haunt us. It is at this critical moment of our lives that we need to gather our inner strength to face our adversities head on. Our demons & miseries don’t define us, our will to crawl back up after our fall justifies our existence. Our existence isn’t measured by our failures. Our fortitude to forge forward towards forcing a positive change in our lives is what makes our existence meaningful.   

My Lover’s Lane

Heading back home on the way
I cross my lover’s lane.
As I pass my lover’s lane
Old memories rapidly revolve in my brain.

I recall those nostalgic glorious days
When to see her, I used to crave.
As I pass my lover’s lane
I realize how the times have changed.

 Her lane was once a holy place
Where I’d wait to see my Goddess’ face.
As I pass my lover’s lane
Old memories become fresh again.

My doe eyed angel was a class apart
She’d illuminate blissfully even in the night’s dark.
I used to be in awe of her heavenly grace
My heart would melt with ecstasy seeing her face.

But, my angel had a devil in her heart
A devil that mercilessly tore my soul apart.
Helplessly shattered, I crumbled in my lover’s lane
Since that day I haven’t ever been the same.

Victim of her satanic spell, I still wish her well
I bid her memories & her lane a final farewell.
Old wounds, sting with a fresh pain
As for the last time I cross my lover’s lane.


Note: Yes relationships can be complicated in life & at times they leave us shattered with a feeling of helplessness. In this poem I have used the symbol of lane to express a love bond between two lovers. Through the medium of this poem I just wish to express that when love arrives welcome it with open arms , cherish it to the fullest till the time it lasts, have gratitude towards your lover for sharing those  special moments with you in the past & if things don’t work out wish her/him well & move on with a humble heart.

A Rebel’s Rhyme

Running wild, running free
Breaking rigid rules of the society.
I’m a rebel at heart
Heartbeat of a revolution, that will start.

I hear a woman’s silent cry
I see a child’s dreams crumble & die.
I’m a rebel at heart
Heartbeat of a revolution, that will start.

I feel the agony of the poor, weak
& of helpless victims of society’s stern critique.
I’m a rebel at heart
Heartbeat of a revolution, that will start.

I’m a living, breathing symbol of revolt
An ideology that refuses to die or get old.
Against unjust I have the courage to say ‘no’
With time, my voice’s magnitude will grow.

I don’t need weapons in this fight
I’ll raise my voice to fight for my right.
Against our oppressors, as I wage a war
Even the deaf, will hear my revolutionary roar.

So join me & hold my hand  
With me, take a bold stand.
We are rebels at heart
Together our revolution, will now start.


Note: There is a rebel in everyone of us, a rebel that hates the double standard & hypocrisy of the society. There are various social factors that manipulate & deprive us, from our own rights. This poem aims to bring out that hidden rebel within us, who isn’t afraid to spark a revolution for a right cause & if need be isn’t afraid to walk alone if others don’t join in. Lastly would  just like to add that we all need a psychological revolution to force a positive change in the society. We don’t need violence to prove our point, we need a sense of unity & brotherhood amongst ourselves to generate this positive change in our society.

A Bleeding Rose

A bleeding rose grows in my heart
As from my life, you depart.
Petals of my rose are bloody red
while your love towards me, is dead.

I’m a helpless victim of my darkest fears
Still I value your smile, more than my tears.
Petals of my rose are bloody red
while your love towards me, is dead.

My bleeding rose shall grow in your memory
From shackles of my love you’re free.
Petals of my rose are bloody red
While your love towards me, is dead.

The thorns of the rose pierce my soul
In life as I am left all alone
In my hands the bleeding rose, I  hold
Blood flows to express the pain untold

Inseparable we were , yet now we part
Wish you’re happy as you make a new start.
Petals of my rose are bloody red
While your love towards me, is dead.

With my bleeding rose for you I’ll wait
For your return in my life, my soulmate.
Then my rose won’t be bloody red
Then your love towards me, won’t be dead.  


Note: Yes relationships are complicated but sometimes in a bond ‘letting go’ is as important as ‘standing by’, for love can’t measure it’s own depth until the moment of separation arrives. So this poem aims at highlighting the aspect of giving space in a bond & if need be accepting the separation with a humble heart. Rather than emotionally dramatizing the whole situation. 



A message for Mum

Holding my hand you taught me how to walk,
Always took out time for my nonsensical talks.
In my bad times, you supported me
Raised me up to more than I could be.

You’re the heart beat of my heart,
A masterpiece of God’s graceful art
Your presence gives a sense of security
I’m blessed with your love, that has purity.

You are mellow & gentle, like a dove
You’re the embodiment of unconditional love.
All elements of my existence revolve around you
I know, I’d be incomplete without you.

Your blessings are my priceless treasure
A treasure, whose value none can ever measure.
My mother, my friend you are flawless divine
May your personality continue to blossom with time.



Note:- A bond between a mother & her child is one of the most purest forms of love. So on my mum’s birthday I wrote this poem for her to make her realize as to what she really means to me. Saluting all mothers across the globe for their unconditional love towards their children.   

Lone Heart’s Lullaby


I sit in the coldest corner of the room
As loneliness corrupts my life’s bloom.
My shadow is my lone friend
Haunted  by loneliness this nightmare won’t end.

I once had a life full of zeal
But now it’s just a past memory.
Now my life is a diabolical curse
A living nightmare, that just gets worse.

In my darkness, I am my own prisoner
People still consider me as a social sinner.
Out of insecurity, to people I used to cling
They vanished, but the fear of losing them didn’t.

Lone warrior I am, confronting my fears
Forging forward, with my burning tears.
Amidst this personal darkness of mine
Like a burning, bright star I will shine.
I know, I’m not perfect for this world
but why should my existence be blurred.
come hell or high waters, I will fight
overpowering darkness, my inner light will rise.


Note:- Being a loner myself in the past, somewhere down the line my life was driven by an insecurity of loosing out on the people I love. Like the seasons those loved ones changed as well , they vanished from my life but even they parted, a memory of theirs lingered within me. They went out of my life, but the fear of loosing them didn’t. So this poem is from the point of view of a loner, it deals with the psychology of a loner, his outlook to life & his self awakening to the fact that our life isn’t driven by people around us. What drives a person’s life is his/her will power to overcome the darkness of his/her regardless of how hostile the situation might be.  

The Nightingale

The Nightingale

It was a tormenting night
When my depression, became my kryptonite.
I tried to be strong with all my might
But depression won, I lost the fight.

Walking outside in the dark
I experienced pain in my heart.
My hope seemed to be torn apart
From my life, as  I saw happiness depart.

Walking outside I saw a nightingale, fragile & old
It sang a melody which overpowered the harsh cold.
Nightingale’s melody had fortitude & was bold
It inspired me, in ways that can’t be told.

That nightingale made me realize
Every now & then, our hopes tend to die.
& even when, we feel helpless & fragile
We shouldn’t give up, we must rise.

The nightingale was a symbol of hope
against the poison depression, it was my antidote.
Unforgettable were the melody’s mesmerizing musical notes
In my heart the nightingale’s memory shall forever float.



Note : In life depression & hardships can mentally paralyze a person, life seems meaningless then. But it’s at this point in life when a source of inspiration can ignite hope & provide a meaningful direction to our respective lives. In this poem I have used the symbol of nightingale to highlight that source of incorruptible inspiration that can galvanize a depressed heart with a sense of hope.

I won’t Forget….

You screamed & shouted at me
But couldn’t answer my questioning eyes.
I won’t forget our fight
I won’t forget that shattered night.

Your cold words were daggers to my heart
You smiled, as my soul was torn apart.
I won’t forget our fight
I won’t forget that shattered night.

Your words bruised my pride, black & blue
Helplessly broken, I was victimized by you.
I won’t forget the way you smiled
I won’t forget the way I cried.  

I won’t forget that night’s thunderstorm
I won’t forget how our bond was deformed
I won’t forget how I begged on my knees
I won’t forget the way you left me.

Now from my life, as you depart
I won’t forget how you broke my heart.
With my broken heart I shall rise
I’ll overcome the memory of that shattered night.

With someone else, my life shall restart
Someone who values my bleeding heart.
Someone who cares for me & won’t depart
Someone who won’t forget to mend my broken heart.


Note: Every now & then we have those relationships that emotionally paralyses us to our core, the separation in such bonds can cause a pain that lasts for years & doesn’t seem to heal with time. Yes the concept of break-up & separation from loved ones is tough but we all need to move forward in life, after all if we don’t encounter someone who breaks our heart, then how could we ever meet that special someone who could mend it. 




My imagination flows like a sea
Running wild, running free.
Lost souls, you & me 
I dream, what we could be.
My mind sings a creative melody
 I day dream in ecstasy.
You & me make a wonderful ‘we’
 You’er the embodiment of my fantasy.
When you’er not next to me
For your love, I get thirsty.
I’ll wait for you, in my dream
Please embrace my soul & complete me. 

1395397179_fantasy 3 copy

Note:-  Everyone yearns for that special someone, who gives them a meaningful direction to their lives, by touching their souls with love. Love is magical emotion that resides in the human heart & in this poem I have tried to highlight that aspect by trying to connect it with the concept of fantasy.


Song of Unity

Society says I’m different from you
But I don’t think that’s true.
We are the citizens of the same world,
Why should our mutual respect be blurred?

The color of your blood is same as mine
Between us, why does the society draw a line?
Wisdom shall prevail in the realm of time,
Unity in our diversity is a dream of mine.

We share the same breath of air
Yet social divisions make us pull eachother’s hair.
In my humble heart I have a prayer
That someday for eachother’s well-being we shall care.


Note:  My heart bleeds seeing the kind of violence that is generated in our world these days. Through the medium of this poem I aim to express the fact that we all need to respect everyone’s element of diversity & try to understand their point of view as well. Don’t raise your hands to hurt someone & give tears to them instead,  raise your hands to wipe the tears of someone in pain. 



In Your Memory

I walk outside in the rain
As my heart is filled with pain.
Raindrops hide my burning tears
Alone I’m left to face my fears.

My heart bleeds, thinking about our separation
My soul gets haunted with isolation.
Although, you are in a different world now
But I still connect with you somehow.

In my darkness you were my shining moon
Hence, I hold on to every memory of you.
Our bond can’t be corrupted with time
Eternally I’m yours & you are mine.

Holding your hand I got an identity
Now it’s my responsibility to carry your legacy.
Sensing your guiding hand on my  shoulder
With your memories, my depression is now over.


Note: Separating from a loved one is surely a painful experience. I remember when my dad passed away I used to think that he wasn’t the only one who had to face the pain of death, those left alive, who were separated from his mortal existence, ended up losing a fragment of their own soul as well. However, I feel it’s the memory in which our loved ones shall be eternally with us. So close your eyes recall the sweet memories you had with your loved ones, for those memories will always be with you & none can take those memories away from you, not even death.


My Responsibilities, My Religion

Introspecting, I review the essence of my spirit
Forging forward I break my last limit.
The journey is long & unkind
But my sense of duty consumes my mind.

Fate tempts me with it’s materialistic desires
But a sense of responsibility ignites a fire.
Trampling on what my heart aspires
Forging forward is what my responsibilities require.

Temptations test my will to the core
But my responsibilities, are something I can’t ignore.
Forging forward, my willpower roars
For my duty I sacrifice what my heart adores.

Note:- Sometimes in life a sense of duty and responsibility overpowers the sense of desire. Sometimes we just have to sacrifice on our personal desires in order to meet the responsibilities & expectations that are expected from us.