Quote: Expectations

Note: Nothing causes more pain than unfulfilled expectations, despite being well aware of that we sometimes hold expectations that can’t be fulfilled. That’s why I personally do not hold any expectations from anyone/ anything in life. I have dreams, I am a dreamer but I’m not a slave of expectations. What’s your outlook regarding our human expectations? 

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Your Memories (Collab with Ana)

Under the gloomy clouds’ teary rain
While loneliness corrupts my weary brain.
Though things between us aren’t the same
Yet your memories impale my heart again.

You tossed our love in the trash bin
& strangled it with your selfish sin.
Now I burn helplessly underneath my skin
Endlessly I die a new death every day within.

I’m deprived of the pleasure of emotional peace
As my soul bleeds due to your love’s disease.
Shedding my burning bitter tears alone I grieve
I submit to your venomous memories.

Thinking about the things we didn’t get to say
I close my eyes on this dark depressing day.
Forgive me, my soul now begins to sway
With my existence, your memories too fade away.



Note: Memories… they truly are intriguingly enigmatic, aren’t they? We may be mortals & the various bonds that we share may come to an end at some point in time, but the memories of those bonds & those moments are immortal. This poem deals with the painful aspect of the eternal nature of memories & how bitterly they can disturb a person. I had the great fortune to collaborate with Ana on this special post. Please do check out her blog Alicyana.wordpress.com I’m sure that she’ll mesmerize you with her words. 

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The Mask

I saw you shuffling on a dark dreary night
As you drew away from everyone’s sight.
From everyone you tried to hide your plight
With your demons as you had a fight.

Ensuring your traumatic tales didn’t reach anyone’s ears
You removed the mask, that you wore for years.
Concealing your depression, you drank your tears
You burnt, you bled, dreaming about your fears.

Wearing your mask, you would skillfully pretend
As on you, others used to frivolously depend.
A helping hand you would always extend
Instilling hope, other’s broken dreams you intended to mend.

With time your mask got engraved on your skin
Behind your mask, emotionally you died within.
Although alone you suffered from fate’s diabolical sin
Yet flashing fake smiles, you held up your chin.

While your soul gets annihilated with pain
You bury your demons inside your brain.
Your crown of thorns you rise to attain
Amidst the chaos, your mask you wear again.

About your problems, people will never have a clue
Even if life may bruise you black & blue.
They’ll never understand what you’ve been through
Because they selflessly, can’t wear the mask as you.

Note: There are times when for the sake of your loved ones’ happiness it’s easier to pretend a fake smile than to express the true magnitude of your sadness to them. It’s at this juncture of life when one chooses to wear a mask. A mask that although can kill us from within as we try to hide our tears behind it, but it can also craft smiles for others as it imbues hope in the hearts of our loved ones that everything is alright & that they can depend on us. This poem deals with the emotional turmoil that goes behind that mask that all of us adorn every now and then.

If you have ever been in a situation where you had to wear such kind of mask & would like to talk about it, to get it off your chest then please feel free to leave a comment, because behind every mask there is a story & behind every hidden tear there is an opportunity to transform it into a splendid smile. 🙂

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Separation (Collab with Riya)

I miss the feel of your warm cheeks
& the kind words that you used to speak.
I miss your personality that was magnificently mystique
Our separation has left me shattered and weak.

I remember our every beautiful conversation
That had unconditional love as it’s foundation.
Your aura made me smile beyond my imagination
Now without you, my heart bleeds in isolation.

Dribbling through the dreary veins of my brain
Is your memory that plagues me with pain.
Depression haunts me again and again
& my loneliness drives me hopelessly insane.

As fate presents a verdict that’s bitterly unfair
The agony for me is too much to bear.
Parting away, as your fragrance dissolves in thin air
Your absence leaves me in utter despair.

Now that’s it, time to accept this severance
Unleashing my emotions, I’ll let out all its prevalence.
For you’ve always been first, the precedence
Because love is an emotion, beaming with elegance.

In a different world, your soul might have flown
But my love for you has still grown.
For our memories in my soul are deeply sown
& they’ll eternally echo in my heart’s spiritual hormone.


Note: They say love never understands it’s actual depth until the time of parting… This poem deals with the emotional turmoil that envelopes our souls when we separate from our loved ones. It also hopes to convey the message that even if the pain of parting plagues our helpless heart then we must remind ourselves regardless of how traumatic the separation might be/ have been the memories of that special someone shall always eternally breathe within us. In this poem I had the privilege to collaborate with Riya, a very gifted writer, please do visit her blog > https://aestheticgraphy.wordpress.com/   I’m sure you’ll be amazed by her creativity. 

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Quote: Poisonous Hate

Note: There are times when you realize that the people whom you considered as angels in your life are nothing but deceiving sinful serpents, who want to emotionally annihilate you. However, based on my personal experience I urge you to channelize that hate in such a way that it becomes the fuel that ignites a burning desire of fortitude within you. Don’t let anyone’s poisonous hate corrupt the goodness that vests within you. ❤


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A Quiet Man’s Parasite

A Quiet Man’s Parasites

On a day when the sun threw it’s shining spears
Quietly, a gentleman broke down in tears.
He had suffered emotionally for many years
For his near & dear ones, crafted his fears.

Possessing a pure heart, oh so gracefully grand
The sinless soul, always extended a helping hand.
But people poisoned him, with their deceiving demands
& to his own problems, none wished to understand.

People took for granted, his kind deeds
Like parasites, they savaged him with their needs.
Like predators, they enjoyed seeing his heart bleed
They smirked when for mercy he used to plead.

Now back into his eternal darkness, turning
All his bloody soul within him, burning.
With smothering sadness within him, churning
He screamed in silence when none was observing.

He tears their parasitic roots from his heart
He silently cries, being wounded in the dark.
He leaves the tranquility of his torture unbroken
As he reflects on all the lies to him that was spoken.

He abandons the parasitic people who had betrayed
From those parasites, he silently drifts away.
Going his separate, way to them he says
F*** you all & have a nice day.

Parting away, as he states this bitter-sweet wish
He crawls, in his tormented radiant bliss.
To his parasites, he blows a final farewell kiss
He gives them a taste of love, that they’ll forever miss.


Note: I had this insecurity, this fear… of loosing out people that I adored, but with time people that I adored did go away but that fear & that insecurity didn’t. There comes a time when fake people try to manipulate you feeding off on your weaknesses & insecurities. In such situations those people act like parasites who feed off your well-being in order to fulfill their sinful desires. Through the medium of this poem I just wish to convey that we all are complete in our own majestic way, we don’t need any fake person to justify our existence. Just like it’s important to lending hand to someone in need, similarly I feel it’s equally important to turn your back on someone who doesn’t value you as an individual. Don’t let anyone degrade your unique sense of individuality . ❤

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Quote: Stars’ Shine

 Note: At some point of our lives we all are smothered by darkness, but instead of being intoxicated with a feeling of utter helplessness, we must embrace the hostility of the situation in such a way that we evolve as stronger individuals. For it is the mysterious depth of darkness that makes the stars shine beyond their true capacity.

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These Scars…(Collaboration With Ana)

These Scars…

For you, my heart blossomed like a rose
Holding your hand when I held you close.
You seemed like an angel from my sweetest dream
But gullible I was to your sinister schemes.

I held your hand from dusk till dawn
But you abandoned me amidst life’s storm.
Scarred I was, with this dark, this destructive romance
Scarred I was, by your diabolical deceptive trance.

‘Always yours..’ is what you had said
But those feelings have now dropped dead.
Abandoned & scarred I cry in my bed
While scars of sadness bleed inside my head.

I feel helplessly alone at life’s every turn
As these scars make my heart burn.
These scars decimate my mind’s peace
These scars infect me like a dark disease.

Happiness fades from my soul’s bleeding shore
I can’t smile like I used to before.
New depths of agony I continue to explore
For these scars, have annihilated my bossom’s core.

As we go our separate ways
like memories, these scars seem to forever stay.
But I’m no longer your helpless prey
& with time these scars shall fade away.

Note: I feel that past relationships are like scars because they constantly remind us of various painful memories of the past. However, I would request my readers not to indulge in any form of self-harm if they are victims of a toxic relationship. We all need to realize that we all are flawlessly magnificent in our own unique ways & if someone turns their back on us then we must move on with hope. If at all you still feel scarred (being victim of a bad relationship) I’d say rather than crying with a broken scarred heart, look forward to find someone who can mend your broken heart, someone who wouldn’t look for dazzling medals but instead would look for your bleeding scars that he/she could heal with his/her unconditional love towards you ❤ . In this poem I had the pleasure of collaborating with Ana she’s a wonderful writer, please do visit her blog>>> https://alicyana.wordpress.com/ I’m sure you’ll love her writings.

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A Pain Within A Pain

Feel this dark ecstasy of my soul
Enjoy my horrors, that are untold.
Witness the agony of my heart
See my happiness, as it departs.
Touch the dreary depths of my brain
There’s nothing – but a pain within a pain.

As I stand in darkness alone
While my heart becomes a cold stone.
My melancholic mind’s mischief, I explore
I envision nightmares never envisioned before.
Touch the dreary depths of my brain
There’s nothing – but a pain within a pain.

At life’s every wretched turn
As my innocent soul begins to burn.
I see joy as an illusionary fantasy
& sorrow as my inescapable reality.
Touch the dreary depths of my brain
There’s nothing – but a pain within a pain.


Note:- To me, joy is a minds’ decorated dream while pain is an inescapable reality of every mortals life. So this is a dark poem aimed at highlighting that as life tests us all at various phases, everyone holds within them some sort of hidden pain. Amidst the darkness of this poem, I would just like to emphasize the fact one shouldn’t get bogged down by the depressing magnitude of pain. Instead see pain as an opportunity to shine beyond your capacity by evolving yourself as a stronger individual. If you enjoyed this poem, I request you to please like my facebook page sweetdevil69 . ❤ 🙂 

Quote: My Insanity 




Note: I often felt this way as I was victimized by a negative phase in my life. Based on my personal experience I’d just like to say to anyone going through a similar turmoil that don’t loose hope, don’t quit on yourself. No matter how dark & depressing the night maybe the beauty of dawn shall usher in a glorious day.

Quote: A Bond

Note: Bonds are an awe-inspiring entity for they are the cathedral of our dreams & also formulate the reasons for nightmares at the time of separation. I feel that it is a traumatizing experience when any bond breaks because they form an integral part of us to such an extent that when they break, a part of our soul breaks along with them. In a nutshell my feelings towards bonds are best expressed with this quote from Life of Pi – “I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.”

Quote : The Luxury of Crying


Note: Sometimes the ability to express sorrow is form of a blessing for a depressed soul. Please let’s be compassionate towards the pain & agony of other people around us. Let us unite to be sympathetic towards each other’s misery so that we can at some point change the tears of sorrow into tears of joy for one another. 

Pain – My Preacher

Once upon a Twilight, teary
As I felt weak & weary.
Happiness seemed an imaginary theory
For life, was dull & dreary.

Demons danced inside my brain
They screamed, they drove me insane.
My sadness, I couldn’t contain
With tears, I greeted Pain.

Pain came, with a deadly grace
It enveloped me, in its tight embrace.
Pain smirked, knowing I couldn’t escape
A dagger came out, from its briefcase

As Pain mated with my fate
With time, Pain became my soulmate.
Imbuing wisdom, Pain made me great
My Pain’s preaching, I celebrate.

Pain had stabbed my helpless heart
My wounded soul, it had ripped apart.
But Pain also showed me a new path
With wisdom, I had made a new start.

Pain’s dagger had made me bleed
But also wisdom, it engraved, within me.
With my bleeding soul, now I feel mystique
Resilient I am, no longer I feel weak.

Note: Sometimes life gives more painful experiences than death. Pain is something that plagues & corrupts everyone’s life every now & then. At times we do feel helpless & broken but it is at this juncture in life when I urge my readers to push through the pain, seek wisdom & fortitude from your misery. See pain as an opportunity to evolve as a stronger individual, embrace & celebrate it rather than getting bogged down by it’s negativity. Please do let me know if you ever had/ having any painful experience in your life that you feel like sharing by commenting down below as a concerned friend just want you to know that I’m always there for you & feel free to reach out to me if that pain is unbarable, together we are going to fight through it with a smile. 🙂 ❤ 

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Tonight I Can Cry

Within me, I have held my tears
Pretending a fake smile, for years.
But, under the starlight sky
In peace, tonight I can cry.

Carrying, the weight of the world on my shoulder
Even in pain , I didn’t lose my composure
But tonight, tears flow from my eye
In peace, tonight I can cry.

I wipe everyone’s tears
Within me I carry their fears.
But, none witnesses my helplessness, nothing they hear
For I cry alone, when none is near.

I unleash the sorrow, that I had caged
Sky cries with me, it begins to rain.
The raindrops, hide my tears of pain
But scars of sadness still remain, the same.

Shedding tears alone, I realize
People depend on me, I’m their pride.
For their smiles, I can’t afford to cry
So in tonight’s darkness, my tears I hide.

The dawn breaks, sun begins to shine
I wear the crown of thorns, that’s mine.
Wiping tears, for my loved ones, I rise
For my tears, aren’t meant for others’ eyes.


Note: There are times when a person is expected to have a calm head while the rest are loosing theirs.But sometimes, the level of expectations & the weight of responsibilities  is so overwhelming that because of the fact that people look up to that person, the respective person is not in a position to cry even if he/she wants to. So this poem tries to capture the emotional turmoil that some dependable people have to deal with & the self-realization on their part to push through the pain without shedding tears, for their actions would have an impact on the lives of people who look up to him/her.

My Sinful Lover

My Sinful Lover

Waking up from that shattered night
Recalling how I was victimized.
My eyes numb, filled with tears
The memory burns it agonizingly sears.

Heartlessly from me you withdrew
I was mercilessly manipulated by you
My existence got battered black & blue
About your wicked schemes I had no clue.

I’m left alone with my broken dreams
& an aching soul that painfully screams.
You pushed evil to new extremes
With your fake love & diabolical scheme.

I failed to see your satanic smile
I fell for your deceiving eyes.
I believed in your black magic lies
I’m left victimized but now I must rise.

You no longer control this life of mine
Every memory will burn & decay with time.
Tormenting night has ended, the sun will shine
Overcoming the nightmare, now I rise.

Note: I wrote this poem to highlight how the whole concept of love is getting corrupted as the wheel of life carelessly moves on. My heart cries a million tears of blood thinking about how love which ideally is about unification of two souls into one, has transformed into an entity that pertains to lustful desires. It makes me sad how we are taking the emotional aspect of love for granted.


Lone Heart’s Lullaby


I sit in the coldest corner of the room
As loneliness corrupts my life’s bloom.
My shadow is my lone friend
Haunted  by loneliness this nightmare won’t end.

I once had a life full of zeal
But now it’s just a past memory.
Now my life is a diabolical curse
A living nightmare, that just gets worse.

In my darkness, I am my own prisoner
People still consider me as a social sinner.
Out of insecurity, to people I used to cling
They vanished, but the fear of losing them didn’t.

Lone warrior I am, confronting my fears
Forging forward, with my burning tears.
Amidst this personal darkness of mine
Like a burning, bright star I will shine.
I know, I’m not perfect for this world
but why should my existence be blurred.
come hell or high waters, I will fight
overpowering darkness, my inner light will rise.


Note:- Being a loner myself in the past, somewhere down the line my life was driven by an insecurity of loosing out on the people I love. Like the seasons those loved ones changed as well , they vanished from my life but even they parted, a memory of theirs lingered within me. They went out of my life, but the fear of loosing them didn’t. So this poem is from the point of view of a loner, it deals with the psychology of a loner, his outlook to life & his self awakening to the fact that our life isn’t driven by people around us. What drives a person’s life is his/her will power to overcome the darkness of his/her regardless of how hostile the situation might be.  

I won’t Forget….

You screamed & shouted at me
But couldn’t answer my questioning eyes.
I won’t forget our fight
I won’t forget that shattered night.

Your cold words were daggers to my heart
You smiled, as my soul was torn apart.
I won’t forget our fight
I won’t forget that shattered night.

Your words bruised my pride, black & blue
Helplessly broken, I was victimized by you.
I won’t forget the way you smiled
I won’t forget the way I cried.  

I won’t forget that night’s thunderstorm
I won’t forget how our bond was deformed
I won’t forget how I begged on my knees
I won’t forget the way you left me.

Now from my life, as you depart
I won’t forget how you broke my heart.
With my broken heart I shall rise
I’ll overcome the memory of that shattered night.

With someone else, my life shall restart
Someone who values my bleeding heart.
Someone who cares for me & won’t depart
Someone who won’t forget to mend my broken heart.


Note: Every now & then we have those relationships that emotionally paralyses us to our core, the separation in such bonds can cause a pain that lasts for years & doesn’t seem to heal with time. Yes the concept of break-up & separation from loved ones is tough but we all need to move forward in life, after all if we don’t encounter someone who breaks our heart, then how could we ever meet that special someone who could mend it.