Quote : The Luxury of Crying


Note: Sometimes the ability to express sorrow is form of a blessing for a depressed soul. Please let’s be compassionate towards the pain & agony of other people around us. Let us unite to be sympathetic towards each other’s misery so that we can at some point change the tears of sorrow into tears of joy for one another. 

My Sinful Lover

My Sinful Lover

Waking up from that shattered night
Recalling how I was victimized.
My eyes numb, filled with tears
The memory burns it agonizingly sears.

Heartlessly from me you withdrew
I was mercilessly manipulated by you
My existence got battered black & blue
About your wicked schemes I had no clue.

I’m left alone with my broken dreams
& an aching soul that painfully screams.
You pushed evil to new extremes
With your fake love & diabolical scheme.

I failed to see your satanic smile
I fell for your deceiving eyes.
I believed in your black magic lies
I’m left victimized but now I must rise.

You no longer control this life of mine
Every memory will burn & decay with time.
Tormenting night has ended, the sun will shine
Overcoming the nightmare, now I rise.

Note: I wrote this poem to highlight how the whole concept of love is getting corrupted as the wheel of life carelessly moves on. My heart cries a million tears of blood thinking about how love which ideally is about unification of two souls into one, has transformed into an entity that pertains to lustful desires. It makes me sad how we are taking the emotional aspect of love for granted.


The Kashmiri Girl

The Kashmiri Girl


Twinkle of her eyes was divine

Her lips were red as the wine.

She was an angel walking on ground

The Kashmiri girl, spread purity all around. 


Her skin was as white as the snow

Her smile was mystic, it had a glow.

She was an angel walking on ground

The Kashmiri girl, spread purity all around.


She was the nightingale of the valley

Her songs brought joy in every alley.

The valley echoed the songs of her heart

The angel’s musical notes were a form of art.


As pleasing as spring’s gentle breeze

She was the symbol valley’s peace.

But one day peace got deranged

When they came, things changed.


They were the sons of devil

Terror reigned, innocent children trembled.

As terror was mercilessly unleashed

Blood of innocent dribbled down the streets.


The beautiful valley turned bloody red

Peace withered & was helplessly dead.

As the Kashmiri girl saw blood all around

She broke down helplessly on the ground.


Angel’s songs changed into helpless cries

And tears of blood oozed from her eyes.

Media & politicians got their share of limelight

But none stood against terrorists to fight.


The devil’s sons seeing blood were thrilled

Amidst the violence, valley’s angel too was killed.

Messenger of peace, laid dead on the ground

Victim of terrorists, her blood spilled all around.


Have a look at innocent blood on the ground

Hear the helpless cries of innocent all around.

Kashmiri girl’s blood screams out for peace

It pleads to eradicate terrorism’s disease.


Is humanity in your beating heart dead?

Isn’t the color of your blood red?

Against terrorism won’t you take a stand?

Won’t you pray for peace in Kashmiri girl’s land?



 Note: My heart bleeds hearing about terrorist attacks on the borders of my country. Would further like to add that terrorism isn’t linked to a particular religion, caste or creed. Terrorism pertains to a rigid mindset of certain people who have no religion & see bloodshed as their sole purpose of existence. I hope this poem of mine expresses the fact that how terrorism is killing the society as a parasite, with unity & brotherhood we all must take a stand against it. May peace be restored for mankind.




Meaningful Existence

Meaningful Existence

Don’t die half a death
Live a life in each breath.
Don’t live on half dreams
Push yourself to new extremes.

Half a journey, won’t lead you anywhere
Move forward trampling on your despair.
Your half life, is your dark nightmare
But you can overcome it, if you dare.

In life like troubles, people come & go
Heartless souls , your struggles they don’t know.
So don’t invest in fake people
Complete you are, you’re not feeble.

Life will batter you black & blue
& your demons will dance above you.
Nonetheless amidst pain your heart will beat
Your fortitude,would make your existence complete.

Life will test you in plenty
But remember, you’re not lifelessly empty.
So, forge forward my brave-heart friend
May your determination never end.


Note: Tough times sometimes make us doubt our own existence. When tough times arrive we tend to doubt our potential. But we need to realize that when we fail to live up to our expectations, fake people would judge us & our demons would haunt us. It is at this critical moment of our lives that we need to gather our inner strength to face our adversities head on. Our demons & miseries don’t define us, our will to crawl back up after our fall justifies our existence. Our existence isn’t measured by our failures. Our fortitude to forge forward towards forcing a positive change in our lives is what makes our existence meaningful.   

Flawless Females

Flawless Females

This one is for women across the world
For women, whose dreams with time get blurred.
For those who secretly shed tears
For those, whose laughter we seldom hear.

In our lives many roles you play
Your smile can light up even the darkest of days.
Women to you, from my soul I say
You all are flawless in your own way.

Be it a caring mother or a romantic lover
Ways of giving love, you somehow discover.
That’s why in my heart I always wonder
Why must alone, you always suffer.

Never shed tears alone you graceful girls
For your tears are precious diamonds & pearls.
You deserve to be treated with respect
Admired & appreciated for your every aspect.

May your aspirations never get blurred
May your requests never go unheard.
May your glorious smiles eternally shine
For you all are flawlessly divine.


Note: – Women well & truly are like  ever-flowing rivers of selfless love. In life women play various roles be it as a sister, mentor , friend , lover or a mother, regardless of their roles one thing that always oozes out of a female’s heart is the purity of her selfless love & concern towards people around her.  This poem aims at making women realize how flawlessly blissful they really are  & the fact that the society shouldn’t take this  selfless love of females for granted. The society must respect women for who they are & the kind of various roles they play in our daily lives.



In someone’s darkness, I’ll be their light
Embodiment of hope, shinning blissfully bright.
I’ll gift the crying, a splendid smile
I’ll be a miracle in someone’s life.

I’ll lend my shoulder to someone’s helpless cry
To reduce their agony, I’ll sincerely try.
I’ll gift the crying, a splendid smile
I’ll be a miracle in someone’s life.
In depression, I’ll offer them my helping hand
Even in hell with them I’ll stand.
I’ll gift the crying, a splendid smile
I’ll be a miracle in someone’s life.

I’ll wipe the burning bitter tears from their face
I’ll hold them in my caring embrace.
In their sadness, I’ll give them a reason to smile
I’ll be a miracle in someone’s life. 

Materialistic morons, measure richness through cash & cars
While I measure it based on kindness of our hearts.
With kindness, be a miracle in someone’s life
Gift the crying, A smile as big as river Nile.



Note: We all beg for miracles every now & then, but a miracle in my estimation isn’t some illusive power coming to our rescue, emerging out from the heavens. A miracle can even be a small act of humanity. Filling a depressed heart with an optimistic hope, that is a miracle! Wiping tears & making a depressed person smile, that is a miracle! In this materialistic world, valuing the happiness of others over your own happiness, that is a miracle! So this poem aims to inspire my readers by capturing the key elements of humanity. Try & be someone’s miracle, rather than begging for a miracle for your own self  I assure you by doing so this world would be a better place to live 🙂  


A Woman’s Tears

Through all those shattered nights
She was a victim of diabolical fights.  
I see a woman secretly shed tears
Alone, a woman confronts her fears.

Tears rapidly dribble down her face
Yet she carries herself with dignity & grace.
I see a woman secretly shed tears
Alone, a woman confronts her fears.

Her tears are, her messages from the soul
The horrors of her past & pain untold.
I see a woman secretly shed tears
Alone, a woman confronts her fears.

Every now & then her heart’s hope dies
& her despair seems to be immortalized.
Yet for her loved ones, she decides to rise
Secretly drinks her tears & for them she smiles.

Shedding tears, doesn’t mean she is weak
Survivor she is, her bravery is mystique.
I see a woman wipe her tears
the braveheart gears up, to battle her fears.

Someday society would treat her with respect
Someday society would admire her selfless aspect.
That day with joy, her eyes would have tears
when she won’t be alone in battling her fears.

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Note:- A woman’s tears say more than words can ever express. Females hide their own misery in order to be the harbingers of happiness in the lives of people around them. The fact that a woman cries alone doesn’t mean that she is weak or helpless, it basically means that she doesn’t want the negativity of her personal miseries to have an impact on the happiness of others around her.This poem of mine glorifies the selfless nature of a woman & hopes to inspire my readers to respect females from all walks of life.  

A Rebel’s Rhyme

Running wild, running free
Breaking rigid rules of the society.
I’m a rebel at heart
Heartbeat of a revolution, that will start.

I hear a woman’s silent cry
I see a child’s dreams crumble & die.
I’m a rebel at heart
Heartbeat of a revolution, that will start.

I feel the agony of the poor, weak
& of helpless victims of society’s stern critique.
I’m a rebel at heart
Heartbeat of a revolution, that will start.

I’m a living, breathing symbol of revolt
An ideology that refuses to die or get old.
Against unjust I have the courage to say ‘no’
With time, my voice’s magnitude will grow.

I don’t need weapons in this fight
I’ll raise my voice to fight for my right.
Against our oppressors, as I wage a war
Even the deaf, will hear my revolutionary roar.

So join me & hold my hand  
With me, take a bold stand.
We are rebels at heart
Together our revolution, will now start.


Note: There is a rebel in everyone of us, a rebel that hates the double standard & hypocrisy of the society. There are various social factors that manipulate & deprive us, from our own rights. This poem aims to bring out that hidden rebel within us, who isn’t afraid to spark a revolution for a right cause & if need be isn’t afraid to walk alone if others don’t join in. Lastly would  just like to add that we all need a psychological revolution to force a positive change in the society. We don’t need violence to prove our point, we need a sense of unity & brotherhood amongst ourselves to generate this positive change in our society.

Lone Heart’s Lullaby


I sit in the coldest corner of the room
As loneliness corrupts my life’s bloom.
My shadow is my lone friend
Haunted  by loneliness this nightmare won’t end.

I once had a life full of zeal
But now it’s just a past memory.
Now my life is a diabolical curse
A living nightmare, that just gets worse.

In my darkness, I am my own prisoner
People still consider me as a social sinner.
Out of insecurity, to people I used to cling
They vanished, but the fear of losing them didn’t.

Lone warrior I am, confronting my fears
Forging forward, with my burning tears.
Amidst this personal darkness of mine
Like a burning, bright star I will shine.
I know, I’m not perfect for this world
but why should my existence be blurred.
come hell or high waters, I will fight
overpowering darkness, my inner light will rise.


Note:- Being a loner myself in the past, somewhere down the line my life was driven by an insecurity of loosing out on the people I love. Like the seasons those loved ones changed as well , they vanished from my life but even they parted, a memory of theirs lingered within me. They went out of my life, but the fear of loosing them didn’t. So this poem is from the point of view of a loner, it deals with the psychology of a loner, his outlook to life & his self awakening to the fact that our life isn’t driven by people around us. What drives a person’s life is his/her will power to overcome the darkness of his/her regardless of how hostile the situation might be.  

I won’t Forget….

You screamed & shouted at me
But couldn’t answer my questioning eyes.
I won’t forget our fight
I won’t forget that shattered night.

Your cold words were daggers to my heart
You smiled, as my soul was torn apart.
I won’t forget our fight
I won’t forget that shattered night.

Your words bruised my pride, black & blue
Helplessly broken, I was victimized by you.
I won’t forget the way you smiled
I won’t forget the way I cried.  

I won’t forget that night’s thunderstorm
I won’t forget how our bond was deformed
I won’t forget how I begged on my knees
I won’t forget the way you left me.

Now from my life, as you depart
I won’t forget how you broke my heart.
With my broken heart I shall rise
I’ll overcome the memory of that shattered night.

With someone else, my life shall restart
Someone who values my bleeding heart.
Someone who cares for me & won’t depart
Someone who won’t forget to mend my broken heart.


Note: Every now & then we have those relationships that emotionally paralyses us to our core, the separation in such bonds can cause a pain that lasts for years & doesn’t seem to heal with time. Yes the concept of break-up & separation from loved ones is tough but we all need to move forward in life, after all if we don’t encounter someone who breaks our heart, then how could we ever meet that special someone who could mend it. 




My imagination flows like a sea
Running wild, running free.
Lost souls, you & me 
I dream, what we could be.
My mind sings a creative melody
 I day dream in ecstasy.
You & me make a wonderful ‘we’
 You’er the embodiment of my fantasy.
When you’er not next to me
For your love, I get thirsty.
I’ll wait for you, in my dream
Please embrace my soul & complete me. 

1395397179_fantasy 3 copy

Note:-  Everyone yearns for that special someone, who gives them a meaningful direction to their lives, by touching their souls with love. Love is magical emotion that resides in the human heart & in this poem I have tried to highlight that aspect by trying to connect it with the concept of fantasy.


Song of Unity

Society says I’m different from you
But I don’t think that’s true.
We are the citizens of the same world,
Why should our mutual respect be blurred?

The color of your blood is same as mine
Between us, why does the society draw a line?
Wisdom shall prevail in the realm of time,
Unity in our diversity is a dream of mine.

We share the same breath of air
Yet social divisions make us pull eachother’s hair.
In my humble heart I have a prayer
That someday for eachother’s well-being we shall care.


Note:  My heart bleeds seeing the kind of violence that is generated in our world these days. Through the medium of this poem I aim to express the fact that we all need to respect everyone’s element of diversity & try to understand their point of view as well. Don’t raise your hands to hurt someone & give tears to them instead,  raise your hands to wipe the tears of someone in pain. 



In Your Memory

I walk outside in the rain
As my heart is filled with pain.
Raindrops hide my burning tears
Alone I’m left to face my fears.

My heart bleeds, thinking about our separation
My soul gets haunted with isolation.
Although, you are in a different world now
But I still connect with you somehow.

In my darkness you were my shining moon
Hence, I hold on to every memory of you.
Our bond can’t be corrupted with time
Eternally I’m yours & you are mine.

Holding your hand I got an identity
Now it’s my responsibility to carry your legacy.
Sensing your guiding hand on my  shoulder
With your memories, my depression is now over.


Note: Separating from a loved one is surely a painful experience. I remember when my dad passed away I used to think that he wasn’t the only one who had to face the pain of death, those left alive, who were separated from his mortal existence, ended up losing a fragment of their own soul as well. However, I feel it’s the memory in which our loved ones shall be eternally with us. So close your eyes recall the sweet memories you had with your loved ones, for those memories will always be with you & none can take those memories away from you, not even death.


My Responsibilities, My Religion

Introspecting, I review the essence of my spirit
Forging forward I break my last limit.
The journey is long & unkind
But my sense of duty consumes my mind.

Fate tempts me with it’s materialistic desires
But a sense of responsibility ignites a fire.
Trampling on what my heart aspires
Forging forward is what my responsibilities require.

Temptations test my will to the core
But my responsibilities, are something I can’t ignore.
Forging forward, my willpower roars
For my duty I sacrifice what my heart adores.

Note:- Sometimes in life a sense of duty and responsibility overpowers the sense of desire. Sometimes we just have to sacrifice on our personal desires in order to meet the responsibilities & expectations that are expected from us.


Liberation From Miseries

There comes a time when all our hopes are shattered in despair, we burn in the agony of sorrow as we are consumed & haunted by a sense of helplessness. It is at this juncture in life when we must understand our responsibilities in life & fight the hostile situation head on rather than lamenting about our misfortune. This poem of mine intends to highlight the importance being the creator of your happiness regardless of what the situation is like.

Liberation From Miseries

Trapped in the shackles of fate
Victimized & drugged by the world’s hate
My life seems to stagnate
I find myself in a helpless state.

But my responsibilities ignite a fire
I forge forward, keeping aside my materialistic desire
Defeating my demons now, is what I aspire
My fortitude is incorruptible, it can’t expire.

Adversities may try to corrupt my life
Destiny might again stab me, with it’s knife
But my soul’s evolution, is happening inside
Even with my bleeding wounds, I’ll always rise.



A Hopeful Heart

There comes a time when everyone feels a bit lonely & yearns for that special someone in their life, who could light up their lives. So this poem highlights that hope for that special someone. 

A Hopeful Heart

Forgotten by the world, I here sit alone
With my heart motionless like a stone.
My isolated heart  has an ambition
To be at your feet is it’s sole mission.

Someday to be yours’, it aspires
To be loved by you is what it desires
As sure as the river meets the sea
Someday in your arms my heart shall be.

That glorious moment fate shall dictate
Till that day my heart shall wait.
My isolated heart beats again, in your memory
Thinking that our union shall be something exemplary.

mans cupped hands showing red heart

Dreamer: The Fantasy Explorer

Sometimes in life, we get caught up in the wicked vicissitudes of the materialistic world  that we forget the importance of our individual creativity & imagination. It is at this juncture in life that we must close our eyes on the outer world in order to connect with the world that resides within us (our personal creativity). Yes hard-work is important in life , but one must not be so caught up with reality that he/she loose their ability to imagine & embrace the creativity that resides within them.

Dreamer: The Fantasy Explorer

My heart holds an imaginary ecstasy,
I explore a world which seems like a fantasy.
In my world i love to explore
To discover something new, is what i adore.

People think that I day dream
while my mind continues to flow like a stream
The world regards me helplessly insane
As I continue to  wander in my fantasy lane.

To the world this dreamer has one advice,
That imagination can be a blissful paradise
So close your eyes, in order to see
realize, how glorious your imagination can be.

Don’t let the materialistic world corrupt your originality
Let your creativity nurture your personality.
Fly freely in the realm of time,
Enjoy your fantasy in it’s prime.